If you’re somebody whose winter grouse is the extreme use of inexperienced peas in meals at dwelling, then you can be rejoiced to know that consuming too many inexperienced peas can have unwanted effects! Inexperienced peas have their very own attraction in winter. Mothers in Indian houses love including ‘matar’ to each rice or curry within the winter season. However you would possibly wish to cease them from doing so on a regular basis, as in keeping with consultants consuming too many inexperienced peas shouldn’t be an excellent thought.

Little question that inexperienced peas are extraordinarily nutritious and must be part of one’s weight loss plan. They’ve many nutritional vitamins and minerals together with being wealthy in antioxidants. They’re additionally nice for controlling blood sugar ranges in diabetics and being a excessive supply of fibre in addition they support digestion. However because the saying goes, extra of something is dangerous and identical goes for peas.

As Well being Pictures reached out to the nutritionist, Avni Kaul, she agreed that inexperienced peas, often known as backyard peas, do have some wonderful well being advantages, however they shouldn’t be eaten in extra quantities and positively not on a regular basis. She says that when consumed in extra, inexperienced peas might create unwanted effects.

Inexperienced peas are wholesome however provided that eaten in restrict. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

What are unwanted effects of consuming too many inexperienced peas?

1. Peas might trigger bloating

Having extreme quantities of inexperienced peas can result in bloating of the abdomen in some folks. Kaul introduced a examine by the Harvard College of Public Well being to our discover, in keeping with which uncooked inexperienced peas have some anti vitamins like lectin and phytic that will trigger bloating accompanied by gasoline and flatulence. Since lectin shouldn’t be current in enormous quantities, lowering the quantity of peas you eat at a time to 1/third cup must be adequate.

peas can cause bloating
Bloating is a typical signal that you’ve eaten too many peas!. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Results in much less absorption of vitamins

Positive sufficient inexperienced peas are stuffed with vitamins, however they’ve some antinutrients too. “Inexperienced peas even have phytic acid, which decreases iron, calcium, and zinc absorption in your physique,” says Kaul.

3. Pease might adversely have an effect on kidney well being

Kaul additionally tells us that inexperienced peas comprise excessive protein content material, which, if eaten in massive quantities, might impression the functioning of kidneys. It could possibly additionally increase the uric acid degree within the physique which may trigger joint ache.

kidney health
Consuming peas in extra can have an effect on the well being of your kidneys. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Ought to we cease consuming peas?

Completely not! The well being advantages of inexperienced peas far outweighs its unwanted effects, so one ought to positively embrace them of their weight loss plan. As an alternative, you possibly can comply with some strategies that can cut back the dangerous results of inexperienced peas:

* Cut back the portion measurement
* Don’t eat them on a regular basis
* Soaking, fermenting or sprouting the peas earlier than cooking them might assist cut back the lectin content material of inexperienced peas.