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Protein powders have turn out to be the go-to dietary supplements for weight reduction, muscle acquire and even restoration. However they arrive in numerous varieties resembling whey protein and casein protein. Casein and whey are the 2 types of protein that may be present in milk, and they’re the perfect sources of obligatory amino acids, however casein will get absorbed by the physique slowly. A number of the finest casein protein powders are discovered to work miraculously for muscle development and restoration.

A number of bodybuilders and health lovers use casein protein dietary supplements to realize lean muscle mass. Pure sources of casein protein embrace meals resembling cottage cheese and Greek yoghurt.

What are the advantages of casein protein powder?

There are a number of well being advantages of casein protein.

  • Supply of amino acids: Casein protein maintains a constant provide of amino acids over time. Based on varied analysis, consuming protein proper earlier than going to mattress promotes higher muscle restoration, reduces muscle breakdown, will increase muscle retention and will increase muscle protein synthesis.
  • Weight reduction and muscle acquire: Casein protein is good for shedding extra physique fats and setting up lean muscle tissues. Scientific investigations on obese officers revealed a substantial enchancment in power and physique composition, in addition to a decrease proportion of fats within the group administered casein protein.
  • Improves metabolism: Casein protein additionally aids in growing metabolic charge. Consuming casein protein earlier than mattress has been scientifically proven to enhance train efficiency and morning resting metabolic charge (RMR).
  • Antibacterial: Casein protein accommodates antibacterial traits in addition to bioactive peptides which have been discovered to assist our immune system.
  • Excessive in calcium: Casein protein is excessive in calcium, which helps with varied physique capabilities resembling bone, muscle, and vascular well being.

Greatest casein protein powders in India

In case you are a health freak and in search of top-rated casein protein powders, attempt these finest casein protein powder manufacturers accessible in India.

1. Optimum Diet Casein Protein Powder

The casein protein powder from Optimum Diet has all the required nutritional vitamins and proteins. It’s provided in a wide range of sizes and tastes, together with cream, chocolate peanut butter, cookies, chocolate, and creamy vanilla. The principle ingredient on this casein powder is micellar casein, which absorbs the slowest and is good for selling satisfaction in between meals and at evening restoration.

2. Dymatize Elite Casein Protein

The Dymatize Elite Casein Protein delivers on each style and casein content material, with 25g of micellar casein per serving and a wide range of flavours. There are as much as 50 servings of casein in every container, and every serving offers 2.3g of L-leucine, which is the primary amino acid that promotes improved muscle restore and protein synthesis. This casein is in a wide range of flavours, resembling chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon bun, and cookie and cream.

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3. GNC Casein Protein Powder

GNC casein protein powder delivers a constant stream of amino acids to gas muscle development and restoration for a number of hours. A single serving offers 25g of pure, slowly digesting protein along with EAAs and glutamine to assist your physique meet its each day protein necessities. When your physique doesn’t obtain nourishment at evening, GNC’s Casein acts as an anti-catabolic agent to inhibit the breakdown of muscle proteins.

4. Natures Velvet Lifecare Casein Protein

This casein protein powder is formulated as a vegetarian product. Resulting from its gradual absorption, casein is the best protein complement to take when going to mattress, or when you realize you may be going for extended intervals with out the chance to refuel.

5. MyFitFuel Micellar Casein Protein Powder

It has inherent anti-catabolic properties that assist muscle tissues turn out to be stronger by decreasing muscle breakdown. It additionally offers 4700 mg BCAA’s, 4600 mg Glutamine and 10,000 mg of important Amino Acids in each scoop of the unflavored variant.

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Learn how to use casein protein powder?

Health lovers steadily take casein protein powder earlier than bedtime with water or milk. Casein protein powder could be added to smoothies, shakes, or another beverage that one likes. It will also be used as a nutritious ingredient in do-it-yourself muffins, ice cream, protein bars, cookies, puddings, and pancakes.