Sandalwood, sometimes called chandan, has quite a few soothing, nurturing, and therapeutic qualities which have made it extremely necessary within the Indian subcontinent area. Its nice earthy and woodsy scent eases pressure within the physique and muscle mass. Historically, sandalwood can also be used to arrange a Tilak. You could have witnessed your grandmother or some elder in your loved ones rubbing a sandalwood stick vigorously on a stone to arrange a tilak. Its astringent and disinfecting qualities assist to brighten the pores and skin, restore scars, stop breakouts, remove spots, tan traces, and markings, and go away your pores and skin trying flawless! Scroll down to search out a number of the greatest sandalwood powders to get a glowing pores and skin.

5 greatest sandalwood powder for an instantaneous glow

Sandalwood or Chandan is a sacred Ayurvedic aspect that gives many advantages for the pores and skin. Strive these 5 greatest sandalwood powders for pure and rejuvenated pores and skin.

1. Organix Treasure Pure And Pure Sandalwood Powder

This Sandalwood Face Masks may also allow you to eliminate pimples, darkish spots, and different facial blemishes. Lifeless pores and skin cells, particles, and pollution are eradicated out of your pores and skin with sandalwood powder, revealing a extra radiant and contemporary pores and skin.

2. Shirish Masala Sandalwood Powder

This sandalwood powder has no added chemical synthesis. Moreover, you may merely create a wide range of face packs at house by combining the powdered sandalwood face pack with honey, uncooked milk, aloe vera, yoghurt, coconut milk, powdered orange peel, rose water, multani mitti, and rose petals.

3. Pure Pik Sandalwood Powder

This sandalwood powder face pack is ideal for all pores and skin varieties and has no added chemical compounds, artificial components, or some other type of impurities to be exact. For higher outcomes, take 1 teaspoon of the powdered sandalwood face pack. Then, add somewhat water and blend it properly to make a high-quality paste. After making use of it to your face, let it dry. Use common water to clean it.

4. INDUS VALLEY Bio Natural Sandalwood Face Pack Powder

Utilizing this bio-organic sandalwood face pack powder may help you obtain a pure and exquisite glow. It helps to brighten the pores and skin and supply a wholesome, radiant complexion. To keep up their full essence and dietary price, all 4 components have been rigorously chosen, processed in a facility permitted by the FDA, and adhered to ISO and GMP compliances.

5. Olava Naturals Sandalwood Powder for Face

Olava Naturals Sandal Wood Powder is a pure sandalwood powder that can be utilized on the face, pores and skin, and hair. It clears your pores and skin of useless pores and skin cells, pimples, darkish spots, pigmentation, grime, and air pollution. The unique Chandan Powder deeply cleans the pores and skin, tightens pores, minimizes the looks of solar tan traces, preserves pores and skin hydration, balances pH ranges, and brightens the complexion.

What are the advantages of sandalwood powder?

1. Repairs pores and skin tissue

Sandalwood can restore pores and skin tissue. This therapeutic high quality aids within the elimination of eczema, darkish spots, blemishes, and scars from wounds. Sandalwood powder will also be used to brighten pores and skin as a result of it purges the pores and skin and leaves your complexion with a uniform tone. In line with a JCDR examine, sandalwood and honey may help stop or scale back hypertrophic or thick, elevated scarring.

2. Reduces pimples

You may as well apply sandalwood to maintain these dreadful pimples at bay. Sandalwood’s antiseptic qualities inhibit bacterial development on the pores and skin, making it a extremely environment friendly pimples therapy, for boils, and ulcers that additionally helps preserve them from getting worse, as per Europe PMC analysis.

3. Soothes the pores and skin

In line with analysis by NCBI, sandalwood might be useful to the pitta [fire] dosha as a result of it appears to have a cooling and soothing impact on the pores and skin. Thus, sandalwood helps in pores and skin lightening and whitening.

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