5 must dos before any workout
5 must dos before any workout

Eat before working out: In order to achieve long-term muscle building goals, it is very important that you follow the pre-workout nutrition. Eating some meal or snack at least one hour before your workout can give you a good amount of energy. Opt for fruits like bananas, and apples or protein shakes and bars.
Hydrate your body: Nothing can be more dangerous than exercising on an empty stomach or with a dehydrated body. Drink at least one or half a litre of water an hour prior to the session so that you don’t have a bloated feeling.
Plan it out: Make a schedule and jot down the exercises you want to do first and for how many minutes. For instance, how many sets and reps you want to do and for how much time will you rest. It will save you time and you can focus on your exercises better
Do warm-up exercises: You can begin with simple aerobics and gradually move on to dynamic exercises. While you might be having your own set of warm up exercises, you can try these as well: Split squat, simple pushup, single arm dumbbell row, mini band walk and ankle mobility drill among others.
A happening playlist: Pump up for the workout by creating your own high-on-energy playlist. This makes your workout session much more happening than that of others who are listening to the same monotonous gym music.


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