In Ayurveda, the time period ‘Agni’ in Ayurveda refers to metabolic hearth – the method of digesting meals and producing metabolic byproducts. Agni transforms meals into power, which is in control of all of the important physique processes. An imbalanced agni sometimes means poor intestine well being the place you possibly can face innumerable issues. Low agni ends in diminished urge for food, fatigue, heaviness and lethargy. And there are different methods too by which your physique may give you indicators of poor intestine well being.

Right here’s what can occur with imbalanced ‘agni’ or poor intestine well being

* Gasoline
* Constipation
* Dry pores and skin
* Sciatica
* Insomnia
* Receding gums
* Muscle spasms
* Cramps

Watch these indicators of poor intestine well being

Ayurveda professional Dr Rekha Radhamony not too long ago shared some essential methods for us to know the standing of our intestine well being, by way of Instagram. Right here’s what she suggests to look out for!

1. White coating in your tongue

Based on Ayurveda, white tongue is a warning indication that your digestive system is overworked. When your tongue is closely coated, it gives the look of being white. Your digestive system can’t carry out accurately whether it is overworked. Because of this, candida, yeast or micro organism, begins to build up.

Your tongue can inform you a large number about your well being! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Low urge for food

Agni is strengthened by consuming the correct amount of meals for every meal. It’s equally essential to present our abdomen time to digest one meal utterly earlier than transferring on to the following. Subsequently, neither consuming extra nor much less is a good suggestion. Each could ultimately end in an imbalanced agni.

3. Abdomen issues

If you happen to expertise issues akin to acidity, gasoline, bloating, reflux, coronary heart burn, cramps, burps or flatulence continuously, it’s too one of many indicators of poor intestine well being

4. Usually get constipation or free motions or each!

Constipation or free motions are very telling indicators of poor intestine well being. It will be greatest to incorporate a variety of high-fiber objects in your weight-reduction plan. In case you have constipation, embody beans, greens, fruits, entire grain cereals, and bran. However for free motions, it’s greatest to eat bananas, rice and apples. Since these meals are delicate, they gained’t upset the abdomen. Moreover, they’re binding meals, and thus, they assist in stool firmness. In case you have any of those, don’t ignore it and begin working in your intestine well being.

Constipation or loosies – what’s troubling you? Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Suggestions to enhance intestine well being

Consuming proper is essential to take care of intestine well being. Let’s comply with some suggestions instructed by Ayurveda professional Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya.

1. Solely eat if you find yourself truly hungry.

“Really hungry” means eat after totally digesting your earlier meal. Typically, we could mistakenly imagine that we’re hungry whereas in actuality we could merely be dehydrated.

2. Eat in a serene and nice atmosphere

If you eat, sit down and attempt to keep away from any distractions akin to a tv, ebook, telephone, or laptop computer.

3. Eat the suitable quantity

Every of us has distinctive calls for, a definite abdomen dimension and a unique metabolic fee. Eat solely until you are feeling full.


portion control
Don’t eat greater than your abdomen can take. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Eat scorching meals

Whereas meals ought to ideally be freshly ready, when you steer clear of any meals coming straight from the fridge, your digestive system will stay wholesome (Agni).

5. Eat at a constant time

Be common and punctual together with your meal timings as a result of nature appreciates cycles and uniformity.