After we consider watermelon, it’s simply the pink portion of the summer season fruit that involves our thoughts. In reality, once we minimize it open, we instantly maintain the seeds apart to dump them in a dustbin. It’s a behavior that you need to hand over as a result of watermelon seeds have a number of well being advantages. Just like the sunflower seeds and chia seeds, watermelon seeds can be consumed for good well being. Let’s learn how watermelon seeds can assist to be wholesome.

Well being Pictures reached out to Ankita Ghoshal Bisht, Dietician Incharge, Primus Tremendous Speciality Hospital, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi to know all about watermelon seeds.

Watermelon seeds have many well being advantages. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Well being advantages of watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds could also be typically neglected, however you’ll be stunned to know that they’re a wealthy supply of vitamins. Listed here are 5 potential well being advantages of watermelon seeds.

1. Coronary heart well being

Watermelon seeds are a superb supply of magnesium. It performs an essential position in sustaining a wholesome coronary heart by regulating blood strain and supporting correct coronary heart rhythm, says Bisht.

2. Assist for the immune system

Zinc is essential for a powerful immune system, so you’ll be blissful to know that it’s present in abundance in watermelon seeds. Immune cells that assist to combat towards infections and any dysfunction are produced and activated with the assistance of zinc.

3. Digestive well being

Watermelon seeds comprise fiber and unsaturated fat, which can assist help digestive well being and promote wholesome bowel actions.

4. Wholesome pores and skin and hair

Considering of utilizing watermelon face masks? It’s not simply software that’s useful. Watermelon seeds are wealthy in protein and important fatty acids, which can assist to have wholesome pores and skin and hair, says the skilled. These vitamins may also assist to cut back irritation and stop pimples.

5. Bone well being

We all know that to have robust and wholesome bones, we’d like calcium, and watermelon seeds comprise the mineral. Other than bone well being, it is usually wanted for muscle perform and correct nerve signaling.

watermelon seeds
You may roast watermelon seeds and eat as a nutritious snack. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

The way to eat watermelon seeds?

You could be pondering do you have to eat them uncooked or add them to a dish. Properly, you may cook dinner watermelon seeds within the oven to make them edible. Salt or different seasonings will be added to the watermelon seeds after baking to reinforce flavour, suggests the skilled.

One other technique to eat watermelon seeds is to powder them and sprinkle it on wholesome salads or different nutritious meals.

Watch how a lot watermelon seeds you eat

Bisht says you may eat watermelon seeds commonly as a result of they’re an important supply of nutritional vitamins, fiber, healthful fat and protein. However don’t have them in enormous quantities as they’re additionally excessive in energy. It’s essential to guarantee that they’re eaten moderately. So stick with about 30 grams or about one-third of a cup of watermelon seeds for every day consumption. Watermelon seeds which were roasted or sprouted are more healthy as a result of they’re easier to digest and comprise extra vitamins.

Generally, watermelon seeds are suitable for eating and have plenty of well being benefits. Nevertheless, watermelon seeds ought to both be averted altogether or used sparingly by some folks.

* They’ve excessive fibre content material, so watermelon seeds could also be finest averted by those that undergo from abdomen issues like irritable bowel syndrome.

* Watermelon seeds even have the potential to set off allergic reactions in folks with seed allergic reactions or intolerances.

* In addition they comprise excessive quantities of potassium, which will be dangerous to folks with kidney illness. So, those that have kidney points or those that are receiving kidney dialysis might have to restrict their consumption of watermelon seeds.

A majority of individuals discover watermelon seeds to be a nutritious snack, however if in case you have any well being situation or pre-existing circumstances, you need to speak to your physician earlier than consuming them.