Don't go wading in flood water if you can help it. It's health a risk for humans – and dogs too
Attempt to preserve your canine away from the mud after a flood. Credit score: Shutterstock

Floods are devastating communities in southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales and have pushed emergency companies to their limits.

Flood waters in Northern NSW are already at “unprecedented” ranges, and are anticipated to worsen in coming days. The Australian Defence Pressure has been deployed to help with emergency rescues.

In southeast Queensland, floods have claimed eight lives, after the equal of a 12 months of rainfall fell in a few days.

Some people who find themselves flooded in will not have the choice of avoiding contact with flood water and dust. If that is you, attempt to put on protecting clothes like closed-in footwear or boots and gloves.

Attempt preserve cuts or abrasions away from soiled water, and disinfect and canopy any wounds you may need with waterproof dressings. Concentrate on washing your arms with cleaning soap afterwards.

However in case you’re tempted to wade into flood waters for enjoyable, do not. It not solely dangers your fast security, it poses numerous well being hazards for people—and canine aren’t immune.

Well being dangers from flood water embrace micro organism and parasites that trigger gastroenteritis (gastro), micro organism that infect the pores and skin, bodily hazards inflicting damage, and particular disease-causing pathogens that thrive in mud and water.


Lots of the organisms (viruses, micro organism and parasites) that trigger gastro in people fortunately survive for lengthy intervals of time in unchlorinated water.

These organisms originate in human feces (poo) which may leak into consuming water when flood water inundates or damages septic tanks or sewerage pipes. If this happens, individuals shall be directed to boil their consuming water earlier than use, a so-called “boil water” alert.

Pathogens that trigger gastro have to be swallowed, so it is much less seemingly individuals shall be uncovered whereas strolling in water.

However individuals can simply contaminate meals and drinks if they do not wash their arms totally after contact with flood water. And those that play “flood water sports activities,” the place they’re prone to swallow water, are additionally in danger.

The commonest signs of gastro are vomiting, diarrhea and abdomen cramps that start six to 72 hours after an infection. It is normally not potential to inform which microbe has induced the an infection with no laboratory check of the individual’s stool. So you probably have extreme signs that are not getting higher, see your GP.

Globally, floods and storms are related to will increase in gastroenteritis. Nevertheless, case numbers of gastroenteritis did not enhance after the 2011 floods in Queensland.


Leptospirosis is a probably life-threatening illness related to flooding worldwide. It is attributable to an infection with micro organism (Leprospira) that enter the physique via damaged pores and skin (wounds) or our mucous membranes (lining of the eyes and mouth).

The micro organism are current all through the world and can survive in mud and soil for weeks if it is moist and heat.

In city areas, rats and mice are the primary carriers of Leptospira and in rural areas, cattle add an extra supply.

Leptospira are washed from soil into flood water with rain, which suggests anybody strolling in water can grow to be contaminated via cuts and abrasions.

Of explicit concern is when the water recedes and the clean-up interval begins as a result of the contact with mud is way better, as is the danger of wounds.

Leptospirosis causes a fever and flu-like signs initially, and requires immediate analysis through a blood check and remedy with antibiotics. Anybody with a chronic fever who has had contact with mud and flood water ought to see their GP.

After the floods in 2011, Queensland reported a virtually 65% enhance within the variety of instances of leptospirosis, most of which occurred within the weeks after the floods.

The danger extends to our canine buddies

Leptospirosis can also be a danger for suburban canine and could be deadly.

Whereas there are not any stories of instances of canine leptospirosis related to floods in Australia, the emergence of the illness in canine in Sydney has raised issues amongst veterinarians as a result of they do not perceive why it instantly turned an issue.

The very best recommendation is to maintain the canine out of flood waters. Should you observe listlessness, vomiting and lack of urge for food in your canine one to 2 weeks after publicity to mud or flood water, take them to the vet instantly.

It may be recognized with a blood check and handled with antibiotics, in a lot the identical manner as for individuals.

Accidents and pores and skin infections

A widespread well being situation after the 2011 floods in Queensland was cellulitis, a deep bacterial an infection of the pores and skin that may happen if an individual will get a puncture wound.

Many kinds of micro organism can infect a wound together with these usually on human pores and skin akin to Staphylococcus aureus (golden staph) and people from the atmosphere, akin to Aeromonas.

The signs embrace an space of pores and skin that’s pink, painful, swollen, and heat to the touch. If somebody with these signs develops a fever, chills and nausea, it is essential they get medical consideration to make sure they do not develop a bloodstream an infection.

Cellulitis is normally handled at house utilizing antibiotics.

When cleansing up after floods, attempt to keep away from getting wounds through the use of protecting tools, as a result of even minor wounds are entry factors for micro organism.

Should you do maintain pores and skin wounds, rapidly clear and disinfect them, and search medical consideration, as chances are you’ll want a tetanus vaccination. Tetanus is a uncommon, however deadly, situation in Australia due to widespread vaccination. However it’s essential to take care of immunity to tetanus via common boosters.

Search medical care in case you develop any infections after publicity to mud or flood water.

Must you use antibiotic lotions in your pores and skin?

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