Frozen shoulder is menopausal girls is widespread as a result of lack of estrogen. Learn on to know extra about this situation.

Frozen shoulder in menopausal girls is widespread. It impacts girls who’re between the age group of 40-60 years. Hormonal adjustments throughout menopause can typically result in ache in your shoulder. Whereas there’s nonetheless a necessity for extra scientific proof to hyperlink frozen shoulder with menopause, menopause can typically result in musculoskeletal situations.

Menopause, which marks the tip of a girl’s reproductive energy, results in the lower of estrogen within the physique, and estrogen types a protecting layer on our joints in addition to bones. Learn on to know extra in regards to the prevalence of frozen shoulder in menopausal girls, and the way it may be mounted.

What’s a frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, also referred to as adhesive capsulitis, is a situation marked by stiffness, ache, and restricted movement within the shoulder joint, states the Nationwide Institutes of Well being. “Irritation and thickening of the shoulder capsule result in adhesions that prohibit motion. The attainable causes embody harm, surgical procedure, diabetes, and hormonal adjustments reminiscent of these skilled throughout menopause, says physiotherapist Dr Ali Irani.

Phases of frozen shoulder

There are three phases of frozen shoulder, as acknowledged by this research, revealed within the Singapore Medical Journal.

1. Freezing stage

That is the painful stage. That is marked by the gradual onset of ache worsening over time with growing shoulder motion limitation. It lasts for a interval of 8 weeks to 9 months.

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2. Frozen stage

That is the superior stage. Right here, the ache might lower, however stiffness will increase, and transferring could be very restricted. There isn’t any exterior or inner rotation. This lasts for 4 to 12 months.

3. Thawing stage

That is the restoration stage. There’s a gradual return of shoulder motion and a lower in ache. The length of this part is 5 months to 26 months.

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Frozen shoulder could be handled by bodily remedy as nicely. Picture courtesy: Freepik

Can menopause trigger a frozen shoulder?

There’s a prevalence of frozen shoulders in menopausal girls. Whereas menopause itself doesn’t straight trigger a frozen shoulder, hormonal adjustments throughout menopause, significantly the lower in estrogen ranges, can contribute to joint issues, together with a frozen shoulder. “Estrogen performs a big position in sustaining joint well being, and its decline can enhance susceptibility to musculoskeletal points,” explains Dr Irani.

A research performed by Duke College College of Drugs states that estrogen helps to stimulate bone development, lower irritation, and promote connective tissue integrity. The research analysed the medical data of 2000 menopausal girls, who reported signs of frozen shoulder. It was seen that 3.95 % of the individuals who obtained hormone substitute remedy suffered from frozen shoulder and seven.65 % of ladies who had not obtained estrogen substitute reported having a frozen shoulder. Due to this fact, HRT might assist in stopping a frozen shoulder.

How can HRT assist frozen shoulder in menopausal girls?

Hormone Substitute Remedy (HRT) can support in managing a frozen shoulder by addressing hormonal imbalances “Estrogen substitute might assist preserve joint lubrication and tissue elasticity, probably decreasing irritation and stiffness within the shoulder joint,” says Dr Irani. A research performed by the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports activities Drugs claimed that individuals who didn’t obtain HRT had 99% extra probabilities of adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder.

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Different therapies for frozen shoulder in menopausal girls

Apart from HRT, a number of therapies could be efficient for managing a frozen shoulder:

1. Bodily remedy

Workouts to enhance vary of movement and strengthen shoulder muscular tissues. A research, revealed within the Singapore Medical Journal, states that house workout routines that promote shoulder mobility ought to be inspired.

2. Medicines

There are a number of ache relievers and anti inflammatory medication which may be prescribed to handle ache and swelling. The Nationwide Institute of Well being suggests acetaminophen, a non-opioid analgesic, or NSAID, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to alleviate ache, for early therapy.

Woman holding her shoulder
Frozen shoulder could be handled with many surgical choices as nicely. Picture courtesy. Adobe Inventory

3. Steroid Injections

Corticosteroids might help scale back irritation and enhance shoulder mobility. Injecting steroid injections straight into the joint is the quickest technique to scale back ache in addition to irritation, states a research, revealed in JAMA.

Weight-reduction plan and bodily remedy for frozen shoulder in menopausal girls

The place weight loss plan is anxious, make certain to incorporate anti-inflammatory meals in your day by day meals. This implies ensuring to eat sufficient fruits, and greens in addition to fish, flaxseeds and walnuts as they comprise omega-3 fatty acids. “Keep away from processed meals, sugary drinks, and extreme alcohol. Keep satisfactory hydration,” says Dr Irani.

As for bodily remedy, stretching workout routines are nice for treating frozen shoulders. They enhance the pliability of the joint capsule in addition to promote shoulder stability. Warmth/Chilly remedy can even assist to handle ache and irritation within the space.

What’s therapeutic ultrasound for frozen shoulder in menopausal girls?

A therapeutic ultrasound makes use of sound waves to generate deep warmth throughout the shoulder tissues. It will increase the temperature of the tissues and promotes native blood stream. This helps to alleviate muscle and joint stiffness, states this research, revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Environmental Analysis and Public Well being. “It could possibly additionally break down adhesions and scar tissue throughout the shoulder capsule. This remedy is commonly used within the early phases of frozen shoulder as a part of a complete therapy plan,” explains Dr Irani.

Surgical choices for frozen shoulder in menopausal girls

Surgical procedure is usually a final resort when conservative therapies and ache administration fail over 6-12 months, says Dr Irani. Listed below are just a few surgical procedures that would provide help to. Manipulation Underneath Anesthesia (MUA) is when the shoulder is moved via its vary of movement below anaesthesia to interrupt up adhesions. You may additionally go in for Arthroscopic Capsular Launch. This can be a minimally invasive surgical procedure the place small incisions are made, and devices are used to chop via tight parts of the shoulder capsule, relieving stiffness and restoring motion.


Managing frozen shoulder in menopausal girls is quite common. That is as a result of lack of estrogen within the physique. A mix of therapies together with HRT, bodily train, a balanced weight loss plan in addition to surgical interventions might help you’re feeling higher.