Summer time months carry alongside lengthy sunny days and scorching warmth. You arm your self with a sunscreen to guard your pores and skin. However there are occasions when you might find yourself with sticky pores and skin. Learn on to seek out out what to do to eliminate sticky pores and skin this summer time.

Well being Photographs related with Dr Mahima Agarwal, Guide, Dermatology, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, concerning sticky pores and skin throughout summer time. She says summer time is characterised by an increase in temperature and in publicity to solar rays. It goes with out saying that in summer time, we sweat extra and so, the sweat tends to combine with pure oils of our face. This in flip, makes our pores and skin sticky throughout summer time.

Your pores and skin can get sticky throughout summer time. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Tricks to eliminate sticky pores and skin

When our sweat mixes with the oils and micro organism of our facial pores and skin, it results in clogging of pores. When that occurs, you might find yourself with pores and skin issues. Right here’s what to do throughout summer time:

1. Wash your face twice a day

Use a a facial cleanser twice a day to keep away from the buildup of oil, sweat and grime in your face, says the knowledgeable. Conserving your face clear is principally the important thing. You may select the cleanser in response to your pores and skin sort, so when you’ve got delicate or dry pores and skin then go for merchandise which say mild or fragrance-free cleansers. In case you have an oily pores and skin sort then you need to use forming face washes or face washes meant in your pores and skin sort.

2. Use dry fabric

While you begin sweating, it is crucial that you simply blot the sweat away. Use a dry fabric or a clear towel, however keep away from wiping it over your face. That’s as a result of wiping can result in pores and skin irritation after which could cause redness or bumps.

3. Wash sweaty headbands hats or garments earlier than carrying them once more

Utilizing sweaty garments, towels or equipment are you able to result in infections. Proper after your exercise, just be sure you change your tight fitted exercise garments and take a bathe to take away the sweat. Keep away from figuring out outside throughout the hottest a part of the day and ideally keep in shaded areas.

sticky skin
Your summer time skincare routine shouldn’t be the identical because the one you comply with throughout winter. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

4. Use summer time skincare merchandise

Summer time skincare routine must be totally different out of your winter one. The type of skincare merchandise that you simply use throughout winter and summer time must also be totally different. As an example, throughout winter our pores and skin tends to get dry so we’d like greasier merchandise like ointments or lotions whereas in summer time we’d like lighter merchandise like gels in order that your pores and skin stays oil-free.

5. Keep cool

You should utilize followers, take chilly showers or keep in rooms with an air conditioner to maintain the pores and skin cool. Keep away from stepping out when it is vitally scorching as a result of that may irritate the pores and skin and trigger warmth rashes and make you are feeling itchy.

Ladies with an oily pores and skin sort are likely to get extra sticky throughout summer time as a result of it’s the oil which mixes with the grime and sweat to make the pores and skin sticky. It’s important for them to care for their pores and skin throughout summer time by washing it twice adopted by patting it dry and making use of a light-weight lotion or water or gel-based moisturiser. They’ll prime it off with a light-weight sunscreen whereas stepping outside. They need to keep away from utilizing make-up as a lot as doable and bear in mind to take away it each time they’re again residence. This fashion the pores won’t get clogged. It’s one thing that your pores and skin will thanks for, as elevated clogging of the pores can result in extra breakouts and bacterial infections.