Do you know your abdomen has its personal line of acid manufacturing? This acid is scientifically referred to as gastric juice. It is sort of a superhero of pH that performs an important function within the breakdown and digestion of meals. Understanding the function of abdomen acid and its affect on digestive well being is important for sustaining a well-functioning digestive system. Whereas correct ranges of abdomen acid can support digestion, excessive ranges of abdomen acid can wreak havoc in your digestive well being.

Somebody with excessive abdomen acid might expertise uncomfortable signs corresponding to acid reflux disorder, heartburn and indigestion. In different phrases, when your abdomen acid goes into overdrive, it damages the fragile lining of the abdomen and esophagus. Extreme acid manufacturing can lead to the formation of ulcers, which will be painful and will require medical intervention.

Well being Pictures reached out to Dr Deepak Lahoti, Senior Director, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy, Max Tremendous Speciality Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi to know extra about excessive abdomen acid.

What’s excessive abdomen acid?

Abdomen acid, also called gastric acid, is a digestive fluid produced within the abdomen to assist break down meals. When abdomen acid is simply too excessive, it might probably trigger a wide range of uncomfortable and even harmful signs. It’s primarily composed of hydrochloric acid (HCl), together with different enzymes and mucus. The abdomen acid’s nature is important for creating an optimum atmosphere for the digestion and absorption of vitamins, explains the professional.

Abdomen acid can result in signs like heartburn, indigestion and extra. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Abdomen acid additionally serves as a important defence mechanism towards pathogens. The low pH of gastric acid helps to kill or inhibit the expansion of dangerous micro organism, viruses, and parasites that will enter the digestive system via ingested meals or drinks.

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Signs of excessive abdomen acid

Listed below are the most typical indicators and signs of excessive abdomen acid, as defined by Dr Lahoti.

1. Heartburn

An imbalance within the manufacturing of abdomen acid or extreme acid secretion can result in numerous signs. One of the widespread signs of excessive abdomen acid is heartburn. It’s a burning sensation that begins within the chest and strikes as much as the throat and is brought on by acid reflux disorder within the esophagus.

2. Nausea

Do you’re feeling nauseated after consuming? Each are widespread signs of excessive abdomen acid. Nausea brought on by excessive abdomen acid ranges from gentle to extreme.

3. Bloating

In case you usually really feel bloated or uncomfortable after consuming, you might have excessive abdomen acid. Bloating is one other symptom of elevated abdomen acid, and this can lead to feeling full and uncomfortable after consuming.

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4. Different signs

Along with these widespread signs, excessive abdomen acid may also trigger vomiting, indigestion, and stomach ache. It may additionally result in modifications in urge for food, corresponding to a lower in urge for food or an elevated need to eat.

high stomach acid
Know the signs of excessive abdomen acid. Picture courtesy: Freepik

How one can forestall excessive abdomen acid manufacturing?

Excessive abdomen acid will be brought on by a wide range of various things and will be handled with drugs or life-style modifications. In some circumstances, life-style modifications could also be sufficient to scale back abdomen acid ranges and alleviate signs, as per Dr Lahoti. Listed below are some modifications it is best to make in your life when you undergo from abdomen acid:

  • Maintain your weight in examine as overweight or obese individuals are extra prone to have abdomen acid.
  • Attempt to keep away from consuming spicy meals as it might probably worsen the signs.
  • Elevate your head round 30 levels to combat the signs of acidity.
  • Don’t overeat as it might probably additionally make the situation worse.
  • Have smaller meals. As an illustration, in case you have three meals every single day, break up them into 5-6 small meals.
  • Take the treatment at common intervals to maintain your digestive well being in examine.
  • Don’t stress over the issue or typically as it might probably make issues worse.


Abdomen acid is a vital part of the digestive system. Whereas abdomen acid is essential for digestion, an imbalance in its manufacturing or extreme acid secretion can result in numerous digestive issues. A number of the widespread signs of the issue embrace heartburn, nausea, bloating, indigestion, abdomen ache, lack of urge for food, and elevated need to eat. It may also be managed by sure life-style habits corresponding to weight administration, avoiding spicy meals, taking drugs repeatedly, and extra. Speak to your physician when you expertise any of those signs in order that they will counsel you the right remedy primarily based on the reason for the issue.