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The top-of-the-year festivities are a joyful time with plenty of outings, plenty of meals, and together with that, plenty of bloating. Bloating is an issue all of us face, particularly after a heavy meal. This can be a larger drawback than typical in the course of the festive season, when there’s a variety of indulgent meals. Bloating can smash many outings, particularly in the event you’ve had an outfit stitched particularly for the event. As annoying as it may be, bloating is simple to keep away from. Listed below are my go-to tricks to beat festive bloating.

Tricks to cut back festive bloating

1. Hydrate Adequately

Hydration is talked about lots for good well being, and rightfully so. Nonetheless, you will need to hydrate the appropriate option to keep away from bloating. Begin your day with a glass of heat water or you can begin your day with a shot of lemon juice to kickstart your digestive system. Drink water earlier than or after each meal however not throughout. You may as well sip teas all through the day to remain hydrated whereas nourishing your physique. Fizzy drinks are the most important perpetrator, so swap these for juices or flavoured water.

2. Eat Proper

Bloating is an indication that your physique hasn’t digested the meals correctly, so take note of what you eat and the way you eat. The trail to a bloat-free existence begins with the way you method your meals. Whenever you eat, take your time to chew your meals totally for optimum digestion. Load up on fiber-rich meals to maintain bloating in test, and contemplate incorporating loads of gut-friendly probiotics into your weight loss plan. Chana-dal and beans are infamous fuel producers and are almost certainly the rationale behind your bloat!

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Eat proper throughout celebrations to keep away from festive bloating. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Attempt these yoga poses

Earlier than beginning with yoga, ensure your posture is right — proud chest together with your shoulders pushed again — in your every day life.

* Viparita Karani or legs up the wall pose stretches your torso. Attempt it once you get up and earlier than you go to mattress.
* Cat-and-Cow Pose stretches your stomach muscle tissue and relieves stress in your abdomen, assuaging bloating.
* Pavan Muktasana is THE yoga pose to eliminate bloating. It’s the best and quickest option to launch fuel and cut back bloating.
* Ardha Matsyendrāsana or the Spinal Twist and Supta Matsyendrasana or the Supine Spinal Twist are additionally nice methods to alleviate bloating. Any asanas which contain twisting stretch your torso and stomach muscle tissue.
* Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose opens the chest and stretches the stomach to scale back bloating.

Yoga can assist you steadiness the thoughts, physique and soul throughout festive season and past. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Make it a every day ritual to spend simply 5 minutes training these yoga poses for bloating, and keep in mind to enrich them with deep respiratory workout routines. A full inhalation and exhalation will work wonders in stretching your abdomen and serving to you keep bloat-free whereas staying energetic.

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It is very important take note of your physique and take heed to what it’s telling you to keep away from festive bloating. The festive season may be hectic, so you will need to be additional attentive to your physique and thoughts. Yoga can assist steadiness the stress by providing you with a second of quiet rest and releasing the much-needed endorphins to beat the stress whereas additionally beating the bloat!

(Anshuka Parwani is a Wellness Columnist for Well being Photographs. She writes an unique bi-weekly column for the ladies’s well being platform. A number one movie star yoga and holistic wellness knowledgeable in India, Anshuka trains celebrities corresponding to Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt. A former pilot, she is the power behind Mumbai-based yoga studio Anshuka Yoga.)