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I’ve had allergic reactions since childhood, struggling throughout each the spring and fall seasons. This previous month, nevertheless, I’m experiencing extra congestion and mucus, and I even have some facial ache. I am starting to marvel if my signs are actually from allergic reactions or if they could be attributable to a sinus an infection as a substitute. How can I inform the distinction?

ANSWER: Allergy symptoms and sinus infections usually are mistaken for each other. However they’re two separate situations. By paying shut consideration to the particular signs you have got, you may often determine which one is extra more likely to be inflicting the issue.

When somebody has allergic reactions, it means their physique is negatively reacting to allergens, akin to pollen, mud mites or pet dander. This response occurs when the immune system releases sure substances, akin to histamine, into the bloodstream. This results in allergy signs, which can embody itching, sneezing, sinus strain, nasal congestion and discharge. Though allergic reactions can produce lots of the identical signs as a sinus an infection, the situation is totally different.

A sinus an infection, additionally known as sinusitis, impacts the cavities round your nasal passages. The an infection causes your sinuses to turn into infected and swollen. The swelling makes it arduous on your sinuses to empty, and mucus builds up. You turn into congested and have bother respiration by means of your nostril. Sinusitis usually causes thick nasal discharge. As well as, chances are you’ll expertise complications in addition to strain round your eyes, cheeks, nostril or brow. Although extra unusual, cough and a sore throat can accompany sinusitis, too.

One of many telltale indicators to discern if in case you have allergic rhinitis or a sinus an infection is if in case you have itchy, watery eyes together with different signs. Itchiness is never a symptom of a sinus an infection. Opposite to well-liked perception, the colour of your mucus doesn’t assist inform the distinction between allergic reactions or sinus infections.

Given that you’ve famous seasonal allergic reactions, take note of the timing of your signs. This additionally might assist determine in the event that they seemingly are attributable to allergic reactions. For instance, tree pollen is commonest within the spring. Grass pollen is widespread in late spring and early summer season, whereas ragweed pollen is prevalent within the fall. Mould and fungi spores are often extra plentiful in warm-weather months. After all, the seasons could also be totally different, relying on the area of the nation the place you reside.

Lastly, medicine response additionally can assist you establish when you want further medical care. For allergic reactions, over-the-counter drugs, akin to antihistamines, may be fairly efficient in relieving allergy signs, significantly itching and a runny nostril. You additionally might attempt including an over-the-counter nasal corticosteroid each day to assist with allergy signs. These nasal sprays assist stop and deal with nasal irritation and congestion, particularly if in case you have seasonal allergic reactions and use them simply because the allergy signs start.

For those who suspect your nasal congestion and different signs are the outcomes of sinus issues reasonably than allergic reactions, you simply might should be affected person. Usually, viruses trigger sinusitis. These viral infections often go away on their very own inside per week to 10 days. Self-care measures, akin to additional relaxation and fluids, saline sinus rinses, and over-the-counter ache relievers and decongestants, can assist. But when signs are persistent or extreme, antibiotics could also be wanted to deal with the an infection.

In case your signs are growing, don’t enhance with present remedy or final for greater than two weeks, you may gain advantage from a go to together with your main care clinician or an allergist. There are different choices to assist alleviate signs and tackle ongoing allergic reactions or recurrent sinusitis.

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