Kicking Those Healthy Habits Into Gear
Kicking Those Healthy Habits Into Gear

So many times, we get into a health phase and start eating really well, start exercising, signing up for gyms and yoga classes. Unfortunately for some we do it for a while then end up packing it in and going back to the bad ways.Looking at all your bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle habits is the best way to find out how you can improve your nutrition.

Most of us make sure our cars are serviced on time, good quality oil is used and topped up with coolant when needed to ensure our car is running well. We need to be doing this to our bodies as well. We shouldn’t aim to lose weight when we are already overweight.We should be exercising and eating well to prevent it. Often, we exercise and change our eating habits until we are our ideal weight then revert back to our old habits.

Priorities your health and look at your diet.

We eat when we are hungry and eat when food is put in front of us even though we are not very hungry. For people who are following their healthy regimen they don’t often pick at foods, go to the pantry and grab the sweetest chocolate loaded snack. Healthy people follow their food intake closely and always monitor what is going in their mouth.If you are serious about becoming healthier, then it’s time to commit and do everything by the book.

Getting your vegetables in

You need to be loading your vegetables in every day. Getting into a vegetable eating habit such as having a vegetable smoothie for breakfast or add some raw fresh vegetables to your lunchtime salad.

Get your dose of nuts

Nuts are so good for you and particularly good for the heart. Nuts can be added to salads and salsa so that is another way you can incorporate them into your diet. Adding a small airtight container in your handbag gives you access to a healthy snack when you’re feeling a little peckish.

Get your family involved.

If you want to improve your health and lifestyle, it’s normal to want the same for your children and family. It’s known children follow the habits of their parents, so the best way to encourage them to eat well and keep fit is to get them involved. Get the children to help prepare healthy meals and talk about each vegetable and its goodness. Start walking around the lake together or get involved in a parents and children’s fitness gym where you can bring your children along and exercise with them.

Get on the green tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that help look after the body’s cells.
If you are a normal tea drinker or coffee drinker try and substitute that for a cup of green.Green tea is best to have after meals, and you need to be having at least three cups a day to take advantage of its nutrient properties.

It’s not hard to get involved in eating healthy and keeping fit. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing a few bad habits and substituting the bad stuff with the good. Getting your family involved with both helping them and you by keeping you determined and motivated to keep fit and healthy.


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