Lizard pose or utthan pristhasana in yoga is ideal for these with tight hips. So, learn to carry out the lizard pose.

Lizard pose is a yoga pose all about flexibility and power. This yoga asana, which helps to stretch and open the hip space, can also be known as Utthan Pristhasana.

What’s lizard pose?

Lizard pose is a yoga pose that opens up your hips. In Sanskrit, ‘utthan’ means to stretch out and ‘pristha’ means again of the physique. Lizard pose is an intense hip-opener and could be practiced with modified variations. This pose helps to open up the physique’s potential by strengthening the hips, shoulders, arms and core, shares yoga coach Nisha Dhawan.

This pose, like most different yoga asanas, goes past its bodily well being advantages, and provides psychological well being benefits together with easing pressure, decreasing stress and serving to to focus on your wellness.

Do lizard pose you probably have tight hips. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

What are the advantages of the lizard pose?

Lizard pose improves muscular tone, flexibility, and total well-being by focusing on a number of elements of the physique. Listed here are some well being advantages of lizard pose, as defined by Nisha Dhawan.

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1. Tightens your muscle mass

A each day follow of this asana stretches the muscle mass situated on the buttocks. By strengthening and fortifying your glute muscle mass, this posture tones them up. This muscle helps your physique when you stroll, run, get up straight, and stretch your thigh. Because of this, this train supplies a beautiful stretch for total firming.

2. Relaxes your thoughts

It relaxes your tense muscle mass and supplies you with a deep stretch within the decrease stomach. By concentrating on the physique’s bodily stability, consciousness is raised in each the thoughts and the physique. Intense respiratory additionally causes your blood to surge with vitality, because it regenerates your blood cells, which in the end ends in psychological renewal.

3. Enhances the hip muscle mass

Your hip muscle mass should be totally stretched for the lizard pose, which will increase hip flexibility. Flexibility aids in enhancing stability, which helps in relieving hip muscle stiffness and tightness.

4. Burns stomach fats

This pose stretches deeply, which tightens the muscle mass in your stomach. It might be simpler the longer you held it. By reducing the surplus fats surrounding the decrease stomach, this place tones your tummy by tightening your core muscle mass.

A woman measuring her belly fat
Lizard pose can burn stomach fats. Picture courtesy: Freepik

5. Prompts the reproductive organs

This pose can also be beneficial to individuals having signs associated to reproductive well being, because the pose promotes activation of the pelvic area and decrease stomach.

The way to do lizard pose?

• Begin within the downward-facing canine pose and inhale
• Exhale as you step your proper foot to the surface of your proper hand. Your proper knee needs to be at a 90-degree angle and stacked above your ankle and your toes ought to level out to 45 levels
• Inhale as you deliver your elbows to the ground and forearms flat in your mat and unfold your palms on the ground
• Maintain the pinnacle in a impartial and relaxed place
• Exhale and press into your left heel to maintain your left leg energetic, as this can guarantee your hips don’t sag in direction of the ground
• Keep for 5 deep breaths (inhale and exhale)
• If you’re able to launch the pose, exhale and straighten your arms so your wrists are beneath your shoulders
• Inhale, step again to downward-facing canine pose and keep in that pose for a couple of breaths.

Repeat the steps beginning along with your left leg ahead to make sure the pose is carried out equally on each side.

“Lizard pose is an intermediate to superior degree pose. Whereas lizard pose can present a deep stretch, it is advisable work as much as this degree of follow to keep away from pressure,” says the yoga skilled. If in case you have notably tight hips, it may be amongst essentially the most uncomfortable and downright intimidating of all asanas. It could take time and constant follow for flexibility in your hips to enhance.

Since it’s a deep hip-opener, you need to guarantee that you’ve practiced some fundamental hip-opening asanas like lunges and pigeon pose earlier than trying the lizard pose. Extra importantly, it’s best to get permission from their yoga teacher or physician earlier than making an attempt this yoga pose.