A man or woman looks beautiful when he/she is slim and smart. Too slim or too fat men and women fail to attract others. If you are too slim or weak then you can increase your weight by eating healthy food and taking proper sleep and rest. Gaining weight is also due to some hormonal changes as well as some genetic mutations in body. And this problem affects an individual life. Both men and women are facing this problems and their confidence level is low because of their weight. So people all over the world dislike heavy weight and try to lose weight using different techniques. Pakistani people specially women are crazy about their weight and whenever they find increase in weight, start finding weight loss tips and tricks.

For weights loss often people start dieting but dieting is considered as most difficult thing to do. And some people also blame that dieting is just a cause of hunger and frustration and they didn’t lose any weight. Before starting work on weight loss your should remember trying to lose weight is a hard effort. Everyone wants to eat delicious food and enjoy all variety of meat. But when you have gaining weight some people out of you thinks that it is a time to restrict their food. And when you start dieting but not get a desirable result you become tense and from taking tension other problems related to health also generated.

You can control your diet but can not restrict your food because food is a resource of energy in your body and your metabolism depends upon this food energy.  There are many other ways to lose weight instead of dieting. But remember over eating is a problem itself and cause increase in weight. So don’t start dieting but start eating only necessary food and vegetables to begin weight loss plan.  You can act upon this weight loss plan to get rid of extra weight and become smart, healthy and fit.
Two main steps are involved in weight loss plan.
1. Avoid yellow and red zone food
For weight loss first of all you should avoid yellow and red zone foods and should use green zone food in your diet because green zone food has low level of fat and sugar helping in weight loss plan. you should exclude meat (beef) from your diet. Red color indicates the red zone foods.
2. Only avoid red zone food
When you have reached your desired weight then you can add yellow zone food but not red zone food in your diet because red zone foods have high level of fat and sugar. You should eat at regular time in a day. You can add variety of food group in your daily diet as well as fiber food. Eat less sugar, Sweet, Fat, Salt, Alcohol and Caffeine. You should drink lot of water and do physical exercise on daily basis to get rid of extra weight.

Home Remedies For Weight Loss
i) Drink green tea before going to your bed but always add one lemon fresh juice in green tea. Lemon can help you in burning process of fats.
ii) Add fiber contains food in your diet for example oat meal, Pea and grains because fiber contains resistance against fats production in body. And food contains fiber are bulky and live longer in stomach and reduce hunger.
iii) Drink plenty of water because when you drink lot of water then there is no need to drink tea, coffee and cold drinks because you have lot of liquid in your stomach and when you don’t take caffeine and alcohol you lose weight automatically because of less amount of fat production in your body.
iv) Exclude sweet for example chocolates, candies and rices from your daily eating routine. So you can lose weight because sweets are the source of fat production.

v) Do physical work for example walk and exercise because when you do walk and exercise your metabolism level become high and when your metabolism speed up then burning of fats occur easily.
vi) Eat good varieties of food for example vegetables and fruits from these foods you can get energy and energy is the basic source of fat cracking.
vii) When u get up early in the morning mix dalchini powder in a glass of boiled warm water and drink it this mixture will help you in reducing weight.
viii) Carrot juice with water is also a working home remedy for losing weight.
ix) Have your dinner at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.
x) Eating a lot of cabbage will help you to lose weight because it contains tartaric acid, which prevents sugar and carbohydrates from being converted to fat.

Dear readers, above is a weight loss plan containing simple tips and tricks, homemade remedies, exercise advice and diet suggestions, that will surely help you to lose weight within few days. If you think there is something missing, or you have some working home remedies for losing weight, then please share your ideas with others by posting your comment in the comments box at the end of this post. Your comments will highly be appreciated and help others to reduce weight at home.


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