Losing The Fat For Women
Losing The Fat For Women

Women who are overweight have a high risk of developing health problems, diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.

Excess weight in pregnancy can lead to health problems not only for you but also your developing child. It’s important for you to know that having too much excess fat all around your waistline can raise your chance for health risks than having fat stored in other areas of your body. High blood pressure can be linked to obesity as having too much weight can make your blood pressure rise higher; it has to pump a lot harder to supply the blood to all your cells.

Women who have excess weight can be more at risk for suffering sleep apnea. Being overweight causes extra fat to be stored around the neck, causing the airway to become smaller. This can make it harder to breathe and make you actually stop breathing for quick periods of time, which can be bad for the heart and the brain, in the long run, starving your brain of air can cause a lot of health issues.

We all have cravings especially women with the love for chocolate and sweet things. Sometimes we don’t have to avoid this all together but switch them to lower calorie versions or lower the amount of your intake. Fibre can help to make you feel fuller for longer so eating foods high in fibre can help stop those afternoon munchies where we tend to eat junk food as a quick snack.

With work and family life it’s hard to grab the amount of exercise we need but a couple of brisk ten-minute walks a day can help or walking up and down your back steps while the kids play outside. One option for women that works in well is watching your favourite television show while walking on a treadmill or using other exercise equipment. As you focus in on the TV show you don’t get as tired or bored with the exercise program; the television is a good distraction. Even going for a walk in your lunch break helps. It’s hard in the family when everyone else is eating different to you, and your diet seems so bland.

A way to help feeling so dull is to make a couple of meals the same, so you aren’t feeling left out, such as a light salad for tea that everyone can enjoy or muesli snacks for afternoon tea that children can enjoy as well.

Eating healthy and adding in a little more exercise doesn’t take much effort and can give you great results. Making just three or four lifestyle changes can dramatically change your waistline and improve your health and importantly helping you feel more energised and motivated.

Find that nice dress you can’t fit into or choose a date to do something special and plan to lose weight by that time.

Finding a reason to inspire you to get active and keep at it can help keep the weight off in the future which becomes easier once the bulk has been lost.


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