Mermaid pose helps to alleviate stress and nervousness, and stimulates the stomach organs. Allow us to let you know extra advantages of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana and the best way to do it.

The mermaid pose is a variation of the one-legged king pigeon pose, also called Eka Pada Rajakapotasana in Sanskrit. This pose is ideal for individuals who wish to deepen their backbend and open their hips even additional. If you carry out the mermaid yoga asana, it is best to really feel the fluidity of the legendary aquatic creature, and visualise your legs and hips forming the beautiful tail of a mermaid. It is very important heat up your hips and thighs earlier than trying this pose, identical to within the one-legged king pigeon place. This deep backbend posture is invigorating and energising and provides a number of advantages. It might probably enhance your posture and improve flexibility, amongst different issues. Learn on to know the advantages of the mermaid pose.

What are the advantages of mermaid pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana?

Listed here are a number of the potential advantages of the mermaid pose:

1. Will increase hip flexibility and mobility

This posture deeply stretches the hip flexors, piriformis, and gluteal muscle groups. This helps to extend hip flexibility and mobility, says yoga professional Dr Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra.

Heat up your physique earlier than doing the mermaid pose. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

2. Strengthens thigh muscle groups

It stretches and elongates the thigh muscle groups, together with the quadriceps and hamstrings. This helps to make the thigh muscle groups stronger.

3. Improves posture

It helps to open up the chest and shoulders, counteracting the results of sitting for lengthy durations and bettering posture.

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4. Strengthens decrease again

It not solely stretches and opens the chest and shoulders, but additionally releases stress within the hips and decrease again, says the professional.

5. Provides a way of calm

The deep hip-opening and stretching on this posture can launch saved stress and stress. This promotes leisure and a way of calm.

6. Improves digestion

The compression of the stomach on this pose can stimulate the stomach organs. This could probably assist digestion and enhance organ perform.

7. Balances vitality move within the physique

Training this yoga asana helps stability the vitality move within the physique, notably within the hips, pelvis, and decrease backbone.

How you can do mermaid pose?

Here’s a full information to do the mermaid pose.

A woman doing downward facing dog pose
The mermaid pose begins with the downward-facing canine place. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory
  • Earlier than trying the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana asana, heat up your physique, particularly your hips, thighs, and again. Carry out some light stretches similar to hip openers, ahead folds, and lunges, suggests the professional.
  • Begin in a downward-facing canine posture along with your fingers shoulder-width aside and your ft hip-width aside.
  • From a downward-facing canine, deliver your proper knee ahead in the direction of your proper wrist, putting it as near your wrist as comfortably doable. Your proper ankle ought to be close to your left wrist. Your proper shin might not be parallel to the entrance of your mat.
  • Decrease your hips down towards the mat. Guarantee your entrance leg is externally rotated, along with your shin angled barely outward. Your again leg ought to be prolonged straight behind you, with the highest of your foot urgent into the mat. Purpose to sq. your hips as a lot as doable. This implies each hip factors are dealing with ahead. If this feels too intense, you possibly can hold your hips barely open, however work in the direction of squaring them over time.
  • Inhale as you lengthen your backbone, lifting your chest and drawing your shoulder blades down your again. Hold your gaze ahead or barely upward.
  • If you’re comfy, increase your arms over your head. Carry your proper foot and bend your proper knee. Greedy the highest of your proper foot, place your fingers over it. Should you can seize your ankle, please accomplish that. Take a deep breath out and tilt your head again till it touches your ft.
  • Keep in mermaid pose for five to 10 breaths, respiratory deeply and evenly. Deal with enjoyable into the pose and releasing any stress.
  • To return out of the pose, deliver the torso ahead by straightening the top and putting your palms on the mat. Then tuck your again toes and press again into the downward-facing canine. Repeat on the opposite facet.
  • After training the mermaid pose on either side, it’s useful to carry out some counter-stretches to launch any stress in your hips and decrease again. Baby’s pose and seated ahead folds are glorious choices.

There aren’t any unintended effects of training any yoga asanas, however you will need to follow yoga with warning, particularly when you’ve got any pre-existing situations. At all times seek the advice of your healthcare supplier and a yoga professional earlier than inculcating something new in your health routine.