On the lookout for yoga asana to enhance your core power? Do Phalakasana or plank pose to strengthen your core.

Phalakasana or the Plank Pose includes a wide range of muscle teams. Your shoulders, arms and wrists can get stronger should you do that yoga asana.
Your core has to work actually laborious to carry this pose, so it might probably assist in getting a toned midsection. It’s a nice yoga asana to enhance your power, however it must be performed appropriately. You can’t let your hips drop in direction of the ground or put loads of strain in your wrists. Ensure that to not make these widespread errors whereas doing Phalakasana. We inform you how you can do Phalakasana in the precise method.

What’s Phalakasana?

The Plank Pose or Phalakasana is about holding the physique in a way that resembles an extended, skinny plank. Stability in alignment is its foremost characteristic. This yoga asana is nice for rising power and endurance, says holistic well being skilled Dr Mickey Mehta.

Plank pose is nice for power and endurance. Picture courtesy: Freepik

What are the advantages of Phalakasana?

The key good thing about Phalakasana is physique power. Plank-type workout routines might be efficient in growing power in addition to endurance, based on a 2021 analysis printed within the Medicina journal.

The potential of strengthening the physique with Phalakasana comes from its capability to work a number of muscle teams directly. The core muscle groups, such because the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques, are effectively focused and strengthened by sustaining the physique in a plank posture. These muscle groups are important for sustaining correct posture, reducing the chance of again ache, and stabilising the pelvis and backbone.

To help the physique’s weight, the muscle groups within the again, chest, shoulders, and arms are additionally used, which improves higher physique power and muscular tone.
Phalakasana calls for steady muscle management and activation, so training it frequently will help enhance basic endurance, says the skilled.

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It additionally helps to stay targeted and enhance focus.

What are the errors to keep away from whereas performing Phalakasana?

The Plank Pose may look simple, however individuals are likely to make errors.

1. Not retaining pelvis in a straight line

You will need to hold the pelvis in a straight line from head to heels, neither too excessive nor too low. One widespread mistake is to let the hips drop in direction of the ground. This places an excessive amount of pressure on the decrease again and reduces the activation of the muscle groups within the core, says Dr Mehta.

2. Sagging or arching the again

If you happen to let the hips sag in direction of the ground or raise them too excessive, it might probably pressure the decrease again. Have interaction the core muscle groups to maintain the backbone impartial.

3. Collapsing the shoulders

Hold the shoulders stacked straight over the wrists and keep away from sinking into the shoulders or rounding the higher again. This helps distribute weight evenly and prevents pressure on the shoulders.

4. Dropping the pinnacle

Keep away from dropping the pinnacle and neck, which may pressure the neck muscle groups and compress the cervical backbone. As an alternative, gaze barely ahead, retaining the neck according to the remainder of the backbone, says the skilled.

5. Locking the elbows

Whereas it’s important to maintain the arms straight, keep away from hyperextending or locking the elbows. Preserve a slight bend within the elbows to guard the joints and interact the muscle groups.

6. Overworking the wrists

Plank pose can put strain on the wrists, particularly if they don’t seem to be correctly aligned. Distribute weight evenly throughout the palms and fingers, and keep away from dumping weight into the wrists. Think about using yoga blocks below the arms or training on the fists when you have wrist sensitivity.

Woman doing the plank pose
Keep away from widespread errors whereas doing the Phalakasana. Picture courtesy: Freepik

The best way to do Phalakasana?

To carry out Phalakasana, comply with these steps:

  • Go on all fours
  • Inhale as you lengthen your legs one after the opposite, come within the Plank Pose
  • Have interaction the core muscle groups by drawing the navel in direction of the backbone and urgent the arms firmly into the bottom. Make sure that the shoulders are stacked straight over the wrists and that the neck stays according to the backbone
  • Maintain for 10 to 30 seconds then exhale, slowly come again and loosen up.

Who ought to keep away from doing Phalakasana?

Your well being situation must be stored in thoughts if you wish to do Phalakasana.

1. Wrist accidents

Plank pose could put important strain on the wrists. Individuals with present wrist accidents or circumstances like carpal tunnel syndrome, which is numbness and tingling within the hand and arm, must keep away from or modify the pose.

2. Shoulder accidents

Plank pose requires stability and power within the shoulders. These with shoulder accidents or instability could must keep away from this pose or observe modified variations that scale back pressure on the shoulders, says Dr Mehta.

3. Decrease again points

Plank pose engages the core muscle groups, together with these within the decrease again. Individuals with decrease again ache or accidents ought to proceed with warning and may have to change the pose by retaining the knees on the bottom or shortening the period of the maintain.

If you’re new to plank pose or have particular limitations, use props or modifications. Dropping the knees to the ground, training towards a wall, or utilizing props like yoga blocks will help to construct power and stability whereas sustaining correct alignment.