Performing reclining sure angle pose relaxes the thoughts and physique. Listed here are the advantages of supta baddha konasana and the way to do it.

Supta baddha konasana, also called the reclining sure angle pose, is a yoga pose that mixes rest, meditation, and delicate stretching. This asana holds vital significance on this planet of yoga, offering quite a few advantages for each the physique and thoughts. It helps the physique chill out and loosen up. On this pose, you lie in your again together with your knees open to the perimeters and your ft collectively, which releases the muscular tissues in your chest, stomach, groin, and legs. It may possibly result in extra relaxed respiration and clearer considering. Moreover, it offers you aid from digestive issues and menstrual cramps. Let’s discover the advantages of the reclining sure angle pose and the way to do supta baddha konasana.

What’s supta baddha konasana or reclining sure angle pose?

Supta baddha konasana is a time period from the Sanskrit language that describes a yoga pose. “Supta” means reclining, “Baddha” means sure, and “Konasana” means angle pose. Throughout this asana, practitioners lie on their backs with the soles of their ft pressed collectively, making a diamond form with their legs. Plus, the identify supta baddha konasana displays the important thing parts of the pose. “Reclining” signifies the posture, “Certain Angle” refers back to the place of the legs, and “Pose” signifies the general yoga asana. This mixture aptly describes the serene and restorative nature of the pose.

Know the advantages of reclining sure angle pose. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

What are the advantages of reclining sure angle pose?

1. Relieves stress and anxiousness

“Supta baddha konasana encourages deep rest by calming the nervous system and assuaging stress and anxiousness. The mild opening of the chest and stomach promotes a way of serenity as nicely, says Yoga Skilled Dr Hansaji Yogendra.

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2. Reduces stiffness

The asana stretches the hip flexors and groin muscular tissues, enhancing flexibility and decreasing stiffness. Common apply can contribute to elevated mobility in these areas.

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3. Improves blood circulation

By elevating the legs and opening the chest, supta baddha konasana facilitates improved blood circulation. This may be useful for people with circulatory points and helps in decreasing swelling within the legs.

4. Stimulates stomach organs

The mild compression of the stomach on this pose stimulates the stomach organs, aiding digestion and selling a wholesome functioning digestive system.

5. Enhances lung capability

The open chest and relaxed respiration related to supta baddha konasana contribute to elevated lung capability. This may be notably useful for people looking for to enhance respiratory operate.

6. Alleviates menstrual discomfort

For girls, working towards this pose could assist alleviate menstrual discomfort by stress-free the pelvic area and decreasing rigidity within the decrease stomach.

7. Promotes restful sleep

The meditative and calming nature of supta baddha konasana can induce a state of deep rest, making it a superb apply for selling restful sleep.

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Doing reclining sure angle pose might help you sleep higher. Picture courtesy: Freepik

How one can do a reclining sure angle pose?

Right here’s a step-by-step information to carry out this yoga asana:

  • Step 1: Lie down in your again.
  • Step 2: Bend your knees and preserve your ft flat on the bottom.
  • Step 3: Open your knees to both aspect, bringing the soles of your ft collectively. The legs ought to be positioned equally to Cobbler’s Pose (Baddha Konasana).
  • Step 4: You may place your arms in any snug place. You may as well relaxation them in your thighs, relaxation them overhead, or type a T form with them out by your sides.
  • Step 5: Keep nonetheless for a couple of minutes whereas gravity helps to deepen your stretch. Take common breaths whereas holding the stance.
  • Step 6: Attain down and return your knees to the unique positions. Subsequent, flip to 1 aspect and sit up utilizing your fingers as assist.

Are there any unwanted effects of supta baddha konasana or reclining sure angle pose?

Whereas supta baddha konasana is mostly secure for most individuals, there are some stuff you want to concentrate on. “Individuals with hip or knee accidents ought to train warning, as extreme drive or improper alignment could exacerbate these points. Pregnant ladies, particularly within the later levels of being pregnant, ought to seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled earlier than trying this pose,” says the skilled.

Who ought to keep away from supta baddha konasana or reclining sure angle pose?

  • Current accidents: Individuals with latest accidents to the hips, knees, or decrease again ought to keep away from or modify supta baddha konasana to forestall additional pressure.
  • Being pregnant: Pregnant ladies, particularly these within the second and third trimesters, ought to strategy this pose with warning and search steerage from a certified prenatal yoga teacher or healthcare supplier.
  • Extreme decrease again ache: People with extreme decrease again ache ought to train warning, because the reclined place could exacerbate discomfort.

One of the best time to do reclining sure angle pose

Supta baddha konasana may be practiced at any time of the day, however many practitioners discover it notably useful as a part of a bedtime routine. The calming results of the pose might help put together the physique and thoughts for a restful evening’s sleep, recommends Dr Yogendra.