Health Tips for travelling abroad
Health Tips for travelling abroad

Travelling outside the country can be a headache-inducing experience when you begin to factor in everything you need. From passports and health documents to international cellphones and chargers, getting all your needs in line for a vacation abroad is not an easy feat.If you’re stressing out over an upcoming holiday or business trip that’s outside of the country, don’t fret – just follow these travel tips and tricks and you’ll have a healthy journey:

Check on your health
Before you head out of the country, you will need to undergo a health assessment at least six weeks before your trip to ensure that your body is healthy enough to travel. Venturing outside of the country can make you more prone to getting sick, so it’s important that your health is in its best condition. Depending on where you are travelling to, it may be required that you receive vaccines for certain illnesses, such as typhoid, yellow fever or hepatitis. Many of these vaccines are only recommended, but the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations do require travellers to have been vaccinated for yellow fever before entering South American or African countries. Either your personal health care provider or a travel health clinic can help you determine which immunizations you need. If available, bring a copy of your immunization history to your appointment, and carry copies of them while you’re abroad.
Explain your prescriptions
If you need to take prescription drugs abroad with you, then make sure to carry a note from your doctor explaining why you need them. Having a written explanation from a certified health care provider will help you avoid any unwanted delays or disruptions while passing through customs. It also allows you to refill your prescription at a pharmacy if it’s lost or stolen. However, some prescription drugs in Canada may be illegal to use in other countries, so contact the embassy of your destination country to check if your medication is prohibited.
Find travel insurance
Even if you’re just taking a day trip to the U.S., you will need new travel insurance. Purchasing the best travel insurance will prepare you for unpredictable emergencies. When you’re looking for the right travel insurance for you, there are a few aspects to consider, such as if it covers foreign hospitalization for illness and injuries, provides direct payment of bills and cash advances while you’re out of the country and can be renewable from abroad.


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