It’s scorching and sticky, and everybody appears to be speaking about cooling down. What higher solution to do it than consuming hydrating fruits this summer season? Surely, watermelon tops the checklist of favorite summer season fruits, because of its excessive water content material. However is that this candy fruit unhealthy for diabetics? Will consuming watermelon shoot up blood sugar ranges? These are a number of the questions that pop up in minds of these dwelling with diabetes or those that take care of diabetics. Let’s discover out if watermelon and diabetes make pair.

To get solutions to questions associated to watermelon and diabetes, HealthShots reached out to Dr Aabid Amin Bhat, Advisor Inside Medication, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, Karnal.

Well being advantages of watermelon

Watermelon is a extremely nutritious fruit that provides a number of well being advantages. It’s an effective way to remain hydrated because it accommodates a excessive quantity of water.

Watermelon could be added to a diabetic’s food plan, however with warning. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

There are some extra potential advantages of this summer season fruit!

1. Coronary heart well being

The lycopene and citrulline in watermelon might assist to enhance cardiovascular well being by lowering irritation and reducing blood strain, says Dr Bhat.

2. Antioxidants

Watermelon is an efficient supply of antioxidants, together with vitamin C and lycopene, which can assist to guard in opposition to mobile injury and forestall persistent illnesses.

3. Digestive well being

These with abdomen points ought to embrace watermelon of their food plan as it’s wealthy in fiber, which may assist in digestion.

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4. Pores and skin well being

The excessive water content material and vitamin C in watermelon will help to maintain the pores and skin hydrated and enhance its general look.

5. Train restoration

The amino acid citrulline present in watermelon might assist to scale back muscle soreness and even enhance muscle restoration after an intense exercise.

Is watermelon wholesome for diabetics?

Individuals who aren’t watching their sugar consumption for prime blood sugar ranges can reap the well being advantages of watermelon. Sure, it’s a candy fruit, however it has a low glycemic load, which is a measure of the variety of carbohydrates in a serving of meals. So, individuals with diabetes can safely devour watermelon, however moderately as a part of a balanced food plan, says Dr Bhat. It’s necessary to notice that individuals with diabetes ought to monitor their blood sugar ranges after consuming watermelon and be conscious of portion sizes. A typical serving dimension ought to be about one cup of diced watermelon. It accommodates roughly 11 grams of carbohydrates.

watermelon and diabetes
Watermelon is greater than a hydrating fruit. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Contemplating the general dietary consumption of individuals with diabetes and consulting with a healthcare skilled to develop a customized vitamin plan are additionally necessary. So, watermelon isn’t unhealthy for diabetics, however individuals with diabetes ought to devour it moderately and think about their general dietary consumption to handle their blood sugar ranges successfully.

However no have to pout in disappointment as there are a number of summer season fruits that individuals with diabetes can take pleasure in as a part of a wholesome, balanced food plan. The skilled suggests berries reminiscent of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries for diabetics. These are low in sugar and excessive in fiber, making them an ideal choice for individuals with diabetes. Plums are additionally low in energy and excessive in fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. They’re additionally supply of antioxidants and will even assist to enhance blood sugar management. The inexperienced fruit, Kiwi, is low in energy and excessive in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. It additionally accommodates enzymes which will assist enhance digestion and promote general well being. Melons reminiscent of cantaloupe and honeydew are nice choices as nicely. They’re low in energy and excessive in water content material, making them an effective way to remain hydrated this summer season.