Vesicles containing clusters of viruses, together with norovirus, inside the intestine. Credit score: NIH

Noroviruses are normally extra widespread within the fall and winter, however you will get sick from the virus any time of the 12 months. The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) says norovirus is the main reason behind vomiting and diarrhea from acute gastroenteritis within the U.S.

Norovirus an infection, typically known as abdomen flu, is unrelated to the flu attributable to the influenza virus. Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, a pediatric infectious ailments doctor with the Mayo Clinic Youngsters’s Middle, says it is a virus that causes gastroenteritis.

“Norovirus is a sort of virus that causes gastroenteritis or abdomen flu. Often, it presents with signs like vomiting and diarrhea. Most wholesome individuals could have restoration over a number of days. However for individuals with a weakened immune system, for instance, their signs can last more than that,” she says.

Dehydration is a priority, particularly for younger youngsters, older adults, and people with different well being points or who’re pregnant. These signs can embody decreased urination, dry throat and mouth, and feeling dizzy when standing up.

Credit score: Mayo Clinic


“Norovirus is unfold by way of contact with the virus. Individuals sick with norovirus shed the virus in excessive quantities of their vomit and stool, so coming into contact with the virus is the way you get sick. This may be by way of direct contact or by way of contaminated meals, or you’ll be able to choose it up from a floor. That is why hand-washing is vital and one of the simplest ways to stop getting sick with norovirus,” says Dr. Rajapakse.

Threat elements

The CDC says that round half of food-related illness outbreaks attributable to norovirus are linked to eating places or food-related environments. This occurs when contaminated meals staff and employees contact meals or when it’s contaminated.

Dr. Rajapakse says meals that’s contaminated with norovirus normally appears, smells and tastes regular so it may be tough to inform it’s contaminated.

Norovirus can shortly unfold, particularly in confined areas, resembling day care facilities, nursing houses, faculties and cruise ships. These viruses are powerful to eradicate since they’ll endure excessive and low temperatures and most disinfectants.

“One of many frequent locations that we see norovirus outbreaks happen is in shut confined settings, like cruise ships, for instance, the place you’ve got lots of people consuming from the identical locations and residing in shut proximity to one another,” says Dr. Rajapakse. “Even one case of norovirus on a cruise ship can unfold shortly to others there. That is why it is essential to just remember to’re washing your palms properly, particularly earlier than you eat.”

Stopping norovirus an infection

Antibiotics will not assist as a result of it is a viral an infection, not bacterial. The perfect safety is prevention.

Tricks to stop the unfold of norovirus:

  • Wash palms with cleaning soap and water for no less than 20 seconds.
  • Keep away from meals and water that is perhaps contaminated.
  • Clear vegetables and fruit earlier than consuming.
  • Prepare dinner seafood totally.
  • In case you’re sick, keep house and keep away from others.
  • Keep away from getting ready meals for others if you’re sick with vomiting/diarrhea.
  • Disinfect surfaces and counters that could be contaminated.

And use warning when touring. The CDC tracks outbreaks of norovirus and different ailments. You possibly can study extra on their web site.

The CDC says outbreaks from norovirus are normally extra frequent within the winter months. In international locations above the equator, outbreaks are most typical from November to April, whereas they’re most typical from Might to September in international locations under the equator.

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