We run after costly hair care merchandise and chemical remedies with out realising that the key to good hair progress and well being might lie in easy issues. Aside from efficient house cures, consumption of a balanced food regimen and common hygiene habits, even practising mudras of yoga for hair can work like magic.

What are yoga mudras and their advantages?

Yoga mudras are a silent language of self expression that include regular hand gestures utilizing fingers as postures. They’re recognized to have originated within the historic Hindu practices of tantra-sadhana and contain positioning all the physique like a closed electrical circuit that’s able to passing vitality all through. Together with their extensive use within the Tantric and Shamanic traditions, these mudras additionally maintain a mighty spot in lots of classical dance types like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam.

Historical Indic texts have reiterated that the bodily physique is made up of 5 components which can be illustrated by the fingers of our arms. The thumb, index, center, ring and little fingers, characterize Fireplace, Air, Sky, Earth and Water respectively. It’s believed that any imbalance between these 5 components will disrupt the immunity system of our physique inflicting illnesses and problems. Therefore, the finger that represents a selected factor, when introduced into contact with one other finger or thumb in a selected method, turns into an efficient mudra via which any imbalance could be cured.

That is how our ancients found numerous ‘hast-mudra’ or hand gestures to assist heal the physique. They had been in a position to determine the results of refined currents of Prana that aligned the Nadi or vitality centres of the physique when factors of 1 finger tip related with each other. Not solely did these mudras activate and open up the psychological dimension, however additionally they alleviated a number of physiological illnesses within the physique with lengthy lasting advantages. The 5 fingers when positioned in a sure Mudra activated the circulation of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas all through the physique. This, in flip, helped resolve numerous hair issues and will now be used as a toxic-free remedy to enhance your mane.

Greatest mudras of yoga to spice up hair progress

Yoga for hair could be useful. All it’s worthwhile to do is sit in silence for about 5 to 25 minutes every day and follow these Mudras particularly within the mornings. It is very important ideally be on an empty abdomen and in addition be capable to use an acceptable quantity of strain whereas working towards them. You may initially begin with simply 5 minutes of follow two occasions a day. And when you begin seeing the advantages, you possibly can improve the period upto 20 to 25 minutes in a day.

1. Prithvi Mudra

Because the identify suggests, this mudra symbolizes the earth factor in our physique. It is a superb mudra for hair progress and it helps lower the fireplace factor or extreme Pitta within the physique. Practising this Mudra enhances blood provide within the hair tissues and helps follicles retain nourishment.

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Prithvi Mudra benefits for hair
Prithvi Mudra. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Methods to carry out Prithvi Mudra

* Sit in a cushty place similar to Vajrasana or Padmasana and shut your eyes.
* Breathe deeply and curl each the ring fingers of your arms in direction of each your thumb.
* Now, contact the tip of your ring finger to the tip of your thumb and preserve the opposite three fingers prolonged.
* After you have completed this, place each your arms in your higher thighs and easily concentrate on the breath.

2. Vayu Mudra

Elevated Vata within the physique is understood to trigger an uneven blood provide to your scalp. This leads to hair thinning and hair shedding extensively. Training the Vayu mudra helps in lowering extreme Vata components in your physique, serving to hair to develop again. This mudra for hair additionally reverses untimely greying and helps management hair loss which can be attributable to dietary deficiency.

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Vayu Mudra benefits for hair growth
Vayu Mudra. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Methods to do Vayu Mudra

* As you sit in Sukhasana, fold each the index fingers to the touch the bottom of each your thumb.
* Apply mild strain by putting the higher a part of your thumb in your index fingers.
* Maintain the opposite fingers open and straight.
* Concentrate on the breath when you preserve your backbone upright.

3. Prasanna Mudra

Additionally known as Balayam yoga, this mudra is the most typical approach recognized to a person. It helps enhance blood circulation within the scalp and gives ample diet to the hair roots. Training this mudra renders a wholesome sheen and is understood to assist develop thick, lengthy and powerful hair.

Prasanna mudra for hair
Prasanna Mudra. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Methods to do Prasanna Mudra

* Sit in a cushty place and place your palms in entrance of your chest.
* Rub the 4 nails of every of the 4 fingers in opposition to one another vigorously in order that the nerve your nails get sufficient friction.
* Proceed this for about 5 minutes and do that a minimum of 5 occasions a day.

4. Prana Mudra

The Prana Mudra helps maximize vitality within the physique by enhancing oxygen provide all through. Its follow restores immunity, will increase blood provide and balances the doshas that trigger hair weak spot.

Prana Mudra for hair growth
Prana Mudra. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Methods to do Prana Mudra

* This Mudra is practiced by standing in tadasana or the mountain pose.
* Be part of the information of your little finger, ring finger, and thumb and preserve the opposite two fingers open and straight upright.
* Maintain this place for about 10 to fifteen breaths, launch and do it yet another time.

Do not forget that practising these particular mudras restore prana or life vitality within the cells. Common follow can set off nutrient provide to the physique, serving to to realize wholesome, shining and thick, lustrous hair. These strategies of yoga for hair may also help stop greying of hair, strengthening of hair roots, decreasing hair fall, nourishing dry scalp and making your hair quite a bit thicker.

The yoga mudras don’t require a lot effort, besides a bit of of your time. Start your day early within the morning and carry out these 4 yoga mudras in a cushty place in a well-ventilated house stuffed with contemporary morning breeze. Watch how they rework you!