We’re afraid of assorted issues. It’s a pure response to threats, however it might develop into extreme, irrational and debilitating at instances. This is named a phobia. A phobia entails greater than merely being afraid of one thing or somebody.

In line with Dr Sanjay Kumavat, a famend psychiatrist, “Phobias are characterised by intense and chronic fears of particular objects, conditions, or actions.” They’ll have a major impression on an individual’s day-to-day life and basic well-being. Learn on to be taught the commonest kinds of phobias that individuals might expertise.

Widespread kinds of phobias

Dr Sanjay Kumavat, Guide Psychiatrist and Sexologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, tells us about completely different sort of phobias. Listed here are 10 commonest phobias individuals endure from:

1. Pharmacophobia

This sort of phobia happens when an individual fears remedy and has a adverse angle in direction of medicine generally. Some elements that may trigger this phobia embrace biases, prejudices about medicines, perception programs about remedies, and emotional trauma associated to medicine.

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2. Heliophobia

Heliophobia occurs when an individual fears the solar, daylight, or any shiny mild. When such an individual is within the solar, they really feel intense discomfort, nervousness, and nausea, which can trigger panic assaults. They could additionally really feel a burning sensation underneath the solar, each of their physique and eyes.

3. Ailurophobia

Ailurophobia is a persistent and extreme worry or hatred of pets like cats and canine. Individuals with this phobia might expertise excessive nervousness and nervousness when listening to meowing, hissing, or different sounds typically related to cats.

4. Arachnophobia

A selected phobia caused by the irrational worry of spiders and different arachnids resembling scorpions and ticks, Arachnophobia could cause excessive nervousness when individuals who have them encounter these species. Though anybody can develop a selected phobia at any age, together with Arachnophobia, most develop in childhood and adolescence.

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types of phobias
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5. Androphobia

This phobia revolves across the worry of grownup males. This can be preceded by some untoward incident or watching one thing inappropriate by the individual throughout their youthful days. Additionally, adults with androphobia usually know their worry of males is irrational, though they will not often management their bodily responses.

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6. Algophobia

One other uncommon phobia entails worry of ache or impending ache. It could possibly stem from observing somebody in ache, like a mass hysteria within the youngsters’s ward. Most often, this situation might be handled with behavioral remedy and anti-anxiety remedy.

7. Ornithophobia

Outlined as a worry of birds or dislike for birds, individuals who have ornithophobia fear that birds will assault them and really feel like they’re in peril after they see birds. Since birds are current in all places, it’s not attainable to keep away from them utterly. Somebody with an excessive worry of birds might select to remain residence the place they really feel protected. This will result in one other phobia referred to as Agoraphobia, a worry of being in conditions the place escape is likely to be tough.

8. Alliumphobia

This can be a meals phobia that typically revolves across the sturdy scent, sight, and phone of meals hailing from the allium household, resembling garlic, onions, chives, and shallots. Somebody who has Alliumphobia might discover themselves avoiding locations the place they are going to encounter these meals gadgets.

types of phobias
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9. Acrophobia

Acrophobia is the worry of heights, and it goes past the conventional warning one may really feel when standing at a terrific top. These with acrophobia expertise intense nervousness and panic assaults when uncovered to heights, even when they’re in a protected surroundings. This phobia could make actions like climbing stairs or visiting tall buildings extremely distressing.

10. Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is the worry of enclosed areas, resembling elevators, tunnels, or small rooms. Individuals with claustrophobia usually expertise excessive discomfort and panic when in such environments. This phobia can considerably restrict their potential to journey or take part in numerous actions, resulting in a lowered high quality of life.