As a lot as we fancy a nutritious diet, the important thing to getting the most effective of all we eat lies in our cooking type as nicely. Steam cooking will be fairly an underrated type of constructing meals. The rationale behind switching to this medium of cooking is that it maintains the dietary worth of the meals being cooked. Additionally, it’s straightforward to carry out.

What’s steaming?

It’s a strategy of cooking the place scorching steam is used to direct warmth into the meals. This merely implies that meals isn’t cooked with the assistance of both water, as within the case of boiling or cooking oils and fat, as within the case of frying. A steamer is significant cooking tools through which steaming of meals takes place. Since this course of includes no use of oil, it’s thought of a wholesome various to conventional cooking. A steamer is often a locked vessel that comprises water in its decrease half, whereas the higher half is the place the meals is saved for steaming.

Explanation why steam cooking meals is the healthiest

In her latest Instagram reel, well-known vitamin professional Pooja Makhija shared why steamed meals is the healthiest. “Cooking with steam is each versatile and wholesome,” she writes.

Take a look at the reel!

Listed below are causes to persuade you to strive steam cooking!

1. Retains the nutritional vitamins and minerals intact

The standard strategies of cooking similar to frying or boiling assist little or no in sustaining the dietary high quality of the meals. The method of steaming retains the important nutritional vitamins and minerals present in greens. Steaming additional amplifies the facility of sure nutritional vitamins like Vitamin B, thiamine, niacin, and Vitamin C. Additionally, some minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and zinc stay intact.

2. Requires no use of oil

The strategy of steaming, because the title suggests, makes use of simply steam to cook dinner meals with out the necessity for oil, one thing that may be a staple for frying. Meals ready via steaming is low by way of fats content material than the meals cooking utilizing oil, subsequently changing into a win-win for anybody eyeing weight reduction!

3. Makes the meals straightforward to digest

The method of steaming renders the cooked greens and fruits gentle, leaving them simply digestible to your physique. This manner, your physique can relish all of the dietary goodness seamlessly.

Steamed meals is straightforward on digestion. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

4. A flexible choice that enables straightforward wash-up

The foremost upside to the method of steaming is that many greens will be steamed on the similar time with none switch of flavour. Like common cooking in oil or water, steamed vessels are straightforward to wash as a result of there aren’t any sticky substances left that should be scrubbed away.

5. Helps hold ldl cholesterol in test

Cooking meals with the assistance of the steaming methodology retains ldl cholesterol below test. That is so as a result of there is no such thing as a use of oil whereas cooking. The meals is ready purely with the assistance of steam. For the reason that steaming methodology retains the usage of oil out of the image, one will get avoided consuming added fats or saturated oils that result in excessive BP and ldl cholesterol.

We gave you sufficient causes to change to this methodology of cooking. Begin steaming your meals to get the most effective of your greens and fruits.