When girls get their durations, numerous facets of the physique, together with hair, get affected. Sure, it’s not simply bloating, cramps, or temper swings that ladies face. Durations also can make your hair greasy. Making an attempt out totally different shampoos or hair therapies would possibly assist scale back the oiliness however it is very important know which of them work and why durations make hair greasy. Learn on to seek out out if greasy hair in periods is one thing that every one girls face or if it impacts just some girls.

HealthShots linked with Dr Kuna Ramdas, Senior Dermatologist, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad, to discover the connection between menstrual cycle and greasy hair.

Greasy hair throughout interval is sort of widespread. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Durations can have an effect on your hair

We have now all heard about hormonal fluctuations that occur throughout the menstrual cycle. Properly, they will have a direct influence on the sebaceous glands within the scalp, says Dr Ramdas. These glands produce sebum, which is an oily substance, wanted to moisturise and defend the hair and scalp. Hormonal modifications can stimulate the sebaceous glands to provide extra sebum, which might make your hair greasy throughout interval. Additionally, a rise in physique temperature throughout menstruation can stimulate the sebaceous glands additional, making the hair greasy.

The great factor is that not all girls expertise greasy hair throughout their interval, however it’s fairly widespread. However girls with naturally oily hair and those that have already got an overactive sebaceous gland exercise may be extra vulnerable to experiencing greasy hair throughout their durations, says the professional. Girls with hormonal imbalances or situations corresponding to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may also complain about greasy hair throughout interval.

What to do when hair will get greasy throughout interval?

To handle greasy hair throughout the menstrual cycle, you are able to do the next –

• Frequent shampooing with a delicate, pH-balanced shampoo.
• Use a dry shampoo between washes.
• Undertake a correct hair care routine with light-weight and oil-free merchandise.
• Keep a balanced food plan.
• Keep hydrated.
• Go for hairstyles like ponytails or buns to maintain the hair away from the face.

hair wash
Don’t over-wash your hair if you end up down. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Methods to stop greasy hair whereas on interval

You can also make efforts to stop your hair from turning into further oily if you end up down. To stop greasy hair throughout your interval, you’ll be able to observe the following tips –

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1. Keep an everyday hair washing schedule

It’s best to observe your common hair washing schedule, as a substitute of accelerating the variety of instances you wash your hair. Oil manufacturing can go up when you are down, so don’t over-wash your hair. It is going to solely make your hair dry after which to retaliate, extreme quantities of oil will likely be produced, making hair greasy.

2. Use a clarifying shampoo

You should use it as soon as per week in order that it will probably assist to take away buildup and clear your hair and scalp, says Dr Ramdas.

3. Keep away from touching your hair excessively

Touching your hair repeatedly may be your behavior. It’s a dangerous hair behavior as it will probably switch oil out of your arms to your hair.

4. Select proper hairstyles

Go for hairstyles that may preserve your hair off your face and permit for higher airflow. Meaning leaving your hair open shouldn’t be an possibility.

5. Use a delicate, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

This may assist to keep away from stripping your hair’s pure oils, says the professional. Should you steadily wash your hair with very robust shampoos then your scalp will begin producing extra oil.

So, understanding the influence of the menstrual cycle on hair well being, notably greasy hair, may also help you to raised handle it. All you need to do is observe a correct hair care routine, keep a wholesome life-style, and make small changes throughout your interval.