Bronchial asthma, a power respiratory situation affecting hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide, is characterised by recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and coughing. Whereas bronchial asthma primarily impacts the airways and respiration, its impression on different elements of well being, together with weight achieve, has been a subject of curiosity. Though bronchial asthma and weight achieve are usually not inherently intertwined, a number of elements can contribute to weight modifications in people with bronchial asthma. Understanding this hyperlink is essential for complete bronchial asthma administration and total well-being.

Well being Pictures reached out to Dr Manav Manchanda, Director and Head- Respiratory, Essential Care, and Sleep Drugs, at Asian Hospital Faridabad, to grasp the hyperlink between bronchial asthma and weight achieve.

Hyperlink between bronchial asthma and weight achieve

Based on Dr Manchanda, “The hyperlink between bronchial asthma and weight achieve includes elements similar to decreased bodily exercise and potential treatment unwanted effects.” Right here’s how these two elements could contribute to weight achieve:

1. Decreased bodily exercise

Bronchial asthma signs can restrict an individual’s potential to have interaction in bodily actions. This may end up in a extra sedentary way of life and a lower in total calorie expenditure, doubtlessly resulting in weight achieve. People with bronchial asthma want to seek out methods to handle their signs successfully and preserve an lively way of life inside their capabilities.

Common train can stop a number of well being issues. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

2. Emotional elements

Residing with a power situation similar to bronchial asthma can typically result in emotional stress, which in flip can have an effect on consuming habits and result in weight achieve. Emotional consuming or counting on meals for consolation generally is a response to the challenges of managing bronchial asthma.

3. Medicine unwanted effects

Sure drugs used to handle bronchial asthma, notably oral corticosteroids, have the potential to trigger weight achieve. Corticosteroids work by lowering irritation and suppressing the immune system, which helps management bronchial asthma signs. Nevertheless, long-term use of corticosteroids can result in a rise in urge for food and fluid retention, contributing to weight achieve. It’s value noting that inhaled corticosteroids, that are generally used as upkeep remedy for bronchial asthma, have a decrease danger of weight achieve in comparison with oral corticosteroids.

Particular bronchial asthma drugs which will trigger weight achieve embody:

1. Oral corticosteroids

Dr Manchanda says, “Medicines similar to prednisone or dexamethasone are sometimes prescribed for extreme bronchial asthma exacerbations or when different remedies fail to adequately management signs.” Oral corticosteroids have a potent anti-inflammatory impact, however their long-term use, particularly at excessive doses, can result in weight achieve. It’s essential for healthcare suppliers to fastidiously monitor the dosage and period of oral corticosteroid therapy.

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Bronchial asthma treatment could trigger drawback in weight administration. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

2. Excessive-dose inhaled corticosteroids

“Inhaled corticosteroids, similar to fluticasone or budesonide, are generally used for long-term bronchial asthma administration to scale back airway irritation and management signs,” knowledgeable Dr Manchanda. Whereas the danger of weight achieve with inhaled corticosteroids is mostly decrease in comparison with oral corticosteroids, excessive doses used for extended durations can nonetheless contribute to weight achieve.

Not all bronchial asthma sufferers expertise weight achieve

It’s essential to notice that not all people who use these drugs will expertise weight achieve. The probability and severity of weight achieve can fluctuate relying on elements such because the period and dosage of treatment use, particular person susceptibility, and way of life elements like weight loss program and train.

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When you have considerations about weight achieve associated to your bronchial asthma drugs, you will need to talk about them along with your healthcare supplier. They will consider your particular scenario, assess the advantages and dangers of the drugs, and work with you to develop a customized bronchial asthma administration plan.

Maintain a examine in your way of life as effectively!

Along with treatment administration, incorporating wholesome way of life habits may also play a major position in sustaining a wholesome weight. This contains consuming a balanced weight loss program, partaking in common bodily exercise inside your capabilities, and managing stress ranges.

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Consuming a nutritious diet for weight reduction is all the time a good suggestion. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory


It’s essential to notice that not everybody with bronchial asthma will expertise weight achieve, and the connection between bronchial asthma and weight can fluctuate from individual to individual. It’s advisable to work along with your healthcare supplier to handle bronchial asthma successfully and deal with any potential unwanted effects of medicines or way of life modifications which may be impacting your weight.