Like chewing gum? Nicely, you have to have come throughout individuals who might have warned you to not swallow gum! But, some individuals unintentionally or unknowingly swallow it, after which fear about whether or not it’s going to keep within the abdomen for a very long time! Know all about such myths and in addition well being dangers try to be conscious of.

Earlier than you discover the damaging results of swallowing gum, let’s perceive what it’s product of and decide whether or not it’s dangerous to eat.

Is gum product of dangerous elements?

Largely, gum is product of gum base or gum core, which can or will not be coated. The bottom of gum is made up of resins, plasticizers, and polymers. It can be blended with food-grade softeners, preservatives, sweeteners, colors, and flavourings. Typically, gum has a powdered or laborious polyol coating as effectively.

A number of European research suggest avoiding gums since they sometimes comprise synthetic flavours, synthetic sweetener aspartame, and preservatives equivalent to butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).

You now perceive that it must be averted or consumed carefully. Nonetheless, what when you swallow gum?

Chewing gum provides some advantages however there are some negative effects as effectively. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

HealthShots reached out to Dr Jagdish Kathwate, Advisor Neonatologist and Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospital Kharadi Pune, to seek out the outcomes of swallowing chewing gum.

What occurs when you swallow gum?

To begin with, the objective of chewing gum is to not swallow it. However some people are likely to unintentionally swallow it. Dr Kathwate says, “There are not any recognized damaging results from swallowing chewing gum, so don’t be concerned. Nonetheless, the gum will sit for a very long time in your abdomen earlier than you’ll be able to digest it.” Generally, it might even journey via your abdomen and be eradicated by faeces. However simply watch out whereas chewing gum.

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Can gum get caught within the abdomen?

The digestive system can take time to course of gum, however it gained’t sit in your abdomen for seven years, as the parable tells you! It takes time as a result of they system wants to interrupt down the gum base.

In some instances, hardly ever, there might be blockage of the digestive tract as a result of swallowed chewing gum and one might expertise nausea for some time as effectively. But, no main negative effects from chewing gum have been reported.

What if kids swallow gum?

Youngsters are extra susceptible than adults to have well being issues because of swallowing gum. A baby who swallows an excessive amount of gum, notably if they’re already constipated, might expertise an obstruction of their intestines, based on the Mayo Clinic.

swallow gum
Don’t give chewing gum to children. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

The New York Instances cites a 1998 examine revealed within the Pediatrics Journal described a number of cases by which kids skilled “intestinal blockages” because of swallowing a number of items of gum or gum that later solidified to kind bigger plenty with different non-food objects. These blockages might lead to excruciating discomfort, nausea, and constipation. Though it’s a uncommon situation that consuming gum may cause it.

So, ought to kids eat gum?

Youngsters can devour sugar-free gum, however only one piece per day is allowed. Additionally, it’s best to see a doctor earlier than giving chewing gum to a baby. After chewing the gum, rigorously eliminate it.

When do you have to go to your physician?

Search medical consideration, when you’ve swallowed lots of gum and are exhibiting signs of intestinal obstruction, equivalent to:

  • Belly ache
  • Constipation
  • Extreme fullness or oedema within the physique
  • Painful cramps
  • Vomiting

Now you understand how a lot it’s protected or to not swallow gum. So be sure you eat it carefully and eliminate it, not swallow it.