Printed on: 18 November 2022, 12:03 pm IST

Hair is a lifeless construction, a tough keratin generated inside the pores and skin by a hair follicle or hair root. A wholesome hair construction consists of three major layers: the outermost and hardest layer known as cuticle, then comes the cortex, and the innermost and thinnest layer known as medulla. The cuticle is protected by a skinny layer of fatty acid, which moisturizes and reduces friction. Wholesome hair wants protein, varied minerals, and fatty acids to look lustrous, thick, and robust. Typically, cut up ends are available the way in which!

Cut up ends, or trichoptilosis, or just fraying or breakage of hair are all the identical factor, and it happens when the hair shaft splits into one or two, primarily on the finish of the shaft. Any harm or cracks within the outermost powerful cuticle layer might permit the hair shaft to weaken, making it unable to endure mechanical stress and leading to hair shaft breaking.

What precisely causes cut up ends?

Cut up ends are attributable to modifications within the construction of the hair shaft, that are primarily attributable to two sorts of elements: exterior influences and inner elements.

What causes cut up ends? Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

Exterior elements

1. Extreme warmth harm: Solar publicity, blow dryers, and ironing destroy the pure moisture out of your hair shaft, leaving it dry and broken.
2. Extreme swimming: Chlorine damages the sebum or fatty acid layer of the hair shaft, eradicating the pure conditioning ingredient.
3. Chemical therapies: Colouring brokers and exhausting gels can penetrate the hair shaft, destroying the traditional construction and inflicting hair breakage.
4. Air pollution and free radicals: Hair suffers structural harm on account of mud, air pollution, and a scarcity of antioxidants.

Inner elements

1. Mineral deficiency: An absence of important enzymes or hint minerals, reminiscent of zinc, magnesium, and iron, may cause hair shaft harm and dysfunction.
2. Hair shaft genetic issues: Some genetic abnormalities trigger faulty hair shaft manufacturing from beginning, leading to brittle hair.
3. Protein deficit and poor hydration: Protein is the constructing block of hair shaft manufacturing, and protein deficiency straight causes hair breaking.

protein deficiency
Protein deficiency may cause to separate ends. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

Learn how to keep away from cut up ends?

Conserving your hair shaft from drying out will profit your hair probably the most. Weak hair requires a holistic strategy that features figuring out the doubtless purpose for cut up ends earlier than treating it. Nearly all of instances are attributable to beauty abuse, which may be simply averted by much less warmth and chemical harm, using moisturizing and conditioning merchandise, and enhancing the uptake of mandatory minerals and nutritional vitamins.

You may additionally discover sure dwelling treatments helpful, however we advocate that you simply search help out of your dermatologist, who will undoubtedly give you the absolute best care on your hair and steerage.