Our first intuition is to place leftover meals within the fridge to maintain it recent longer and permit us to get pleasure from it later if we don’t need to throw it away. That shouldn’t be the case with each meals merchandise you will have left. For some gadgets, like butter, bread, greens, or fruits, chilly storage is crucial, however at freezing temperatures, a number of meals can lose their style, flavour, color, and texture. So, let’s discover out which meals it’s best to cease storing within the fridge.

Healthshots spoke to nutritionist and wellness coach Avni Kaul, who has shared the listing of meals that you shouldn’t preserve within the fridge.

Storing all the things inside it isn’t a good suggestion. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Kaul says, “Fridges are used as a result of they preserve the meals recent for an extended time as in comparison with when one retains them within the open on a eating desk or kitchen countertop. Nonetheless, not each meals is meant to be stored inside fridges, and there are a number of causes for that.”

Meals it’s best to by no means refrigerate

Listed below are 7 meals that it’s best to keep away from maintaining within the fridge, in keeping with Kaul:

1. Bananas

Since bananas are native to the tropics, it wouldn’t make sense to place a tropical fruit in a chilly setting. Bananas require room temperature for 2 causes: the nice and cozy temperature helps the fruit to ripen and the sunshine and air decelerate the method of decay.

2. Recent herbs

Recent herbs are tough to maintain recent, and it is because they’re saved improperly. Basil, thyme, rosemary, and different herbs lose flavour and turn into dried out in a fridge. As a substitute, place them on the countertop, out of direct sunshine, in a tiny glass with the stems submerged in room-temperature water.

foods you should stop storing in the fridge
Place them in a proper place. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Oil

Any oil, whether or not it’s vegetable, coconut, olive, or one other kind of edible oil, will shortly harden within the fridge. Will probably be higher to maintain them in your kitchen on a darkish, cool shelf. Nut-based oil is the one kind of oil that may be refrigerated.

4. Cooked rooster

Refrigerating cooked rooster for greater than 2 to three days spoils it. Not solely does its style change, however storing it at a chilly temperature spoils the feel and the flavour. Consuming refrigerated cooked rooster might end in meals poisoning and a number of different digestive points.

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5. Honey

Very similar to oil, honey has a protracted shelf life and it doesn’t get spoilt at room temperature. Storing honey within the fridge crystalizes it and makes it exhausting to scoop it out of the jar. Hold them on a cool-dark shelf.

6. Unripe mangoes

Uncooked mangoes should not be refrigerated as cooling slows down their ripening. It additionally makes the mangoes exhausting in texture. It’s advisable to retailer solely ripened mangoes in a fridge for that retains them agency, candy and recent.

foods you should stop storing in the fridge
Keep away from placing it within the fridge. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Espresso

Humidity within the fridge may cause a formation of watery condensation, which isn’t good for the flavour of floor or whole-bean espresso. As a substitute, retailer espresso in an hermetic container in order that it stays recent till the time involves brew it.

Now you already know about these meals so, don’t make the error of refrigerating them.