Whereas sleeping with a excessive pillow could appear snug, it could trigger discomfort. Listed below are 7 unwanted side effects that you could be expertise should you’re utilizing a excessive pillow or a number of pillows whereas sleeping.

Selecting a comfortable pillow isn’t nearly enhancing your sleep expertise. It additionally enhances consolation, promotes higher spinal alignment, and alleviates bothersome again and neck ache, finally enhancing your total posture. Nevertheless, pillows aren’t constructed to final endlessly. If you happen to discover your pillow has misplaced its fluffiness and also you are actually pondering of utilizing a number of pillows for neck assist or utilizing a brand new, excessive pillow, it’s essential to know that it might truly trigger issues. Preserve studying to seek out out the unwanted side effects of utilizing a excessive pillow.

7 unwanted side effects of utilizing a excessive pillow or a number of pillows

Correct assist out of your pillow is important, as it might alleviate stress factors and scale back the possibility of growing neck and again ache. Nevertheless, if you’re utilizing a excessive pillow, you might get up with a stiff neck or a headache, explains Dr Manjusha Agarwal, an Inner Drugs Doctor.

1. Poor posture

Some of the outstanding unwanted side effects of utilizing a excessive pillow or a number of pillows is the poor posture of the higher physique, notably round your neck and backbone. In accordance with the College of Rochester Medical Heart, when the pillow is just too excessive, it elevates the top and neck excessively, inflicting an unnatural curve within the backbone. This misalignment places pressure on the muscular tissues of your neck and higher again, resulting in stiffness, discomfort, and even continual ache over time.

2. Muscle stress and stiffness

A pillow ought to assist assist your posture, particularly round your neck and backbone. However your pillow could cause neck stiffness and stress whether it is unsupportive, comparable to a excessive pillow. “Utilizing a excessive pillow could cause muscular tissues within the neck and shoulders to stay contracted all through the night time. This fixed stress can result in stiffness that you could be really feel while you get up, making it troublesome to really feel recent,” says Dr Agarwal.

Sore neck and shoulder muscular tissues are widespread when utilizing a excessive pillow. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

3. Respiration points

Sleeping with a excessive pillow can influence correct respiration, notably for people vulnerable to respiratory points like bronchial asthma or sleep apnea. The discovering of a research printed within the Journal of Bodily Remedy Science suggests that top pillows excessively bend the curvature within the regular cervical area, which reduces the airway house by means of which air flows into the laryngopharynx. This structural change reduces the air flow capability, inflicting respiration issues. One might expertise signs comparable to loud night breathing, wheezing, or shortness of breath.

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4. Digestive issues

If you happen to suppose utilizing a pillow with an excessive amount of top offers you consolation, you might be improper. It truly leaves your head and neck out of correct alignment. Sleeping with the top elevated on a excessive pillow can contribute to acid reflux disorder or heartburn, as it could trigger abdomen acid to journey again up into the esophagus. This can lead to discomfort and burning sensations, notably when mendacity down after a meal.

5. Poor circulation

Utilizing a excessive pillow can even compromise circulation, particularly within the arms and shoulders. By proscribing the blood move to the extremities, it might result in numbness, tingling, or much more extreme circulatory issues over time. In accordance with a research printed by the Journal of Bodily Remedy Science, when folks use pillows of inappropriate top, blood circulation within the neck is hindered, thereby rising the chance of neurological issues, comparable to cerebral hemorrhage.

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6. Headache

One other widespread facet impact of utilizing a excessive pillow is the onset of complications. “Improper alignment of the top whereas sleeping can place extreme stress on the neck muscular tissues and blood vessels,” explains Dr Agarwal. This discomfort, in some instances, might enhance the chance of stress complications and even migraines. Moreover, poor sleep high quality can even set off complications.

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Complications are widespread when you don’t sleep properly! Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

7. Facial wrinkles and pores and skin issues

Utilizing a excessive pillow can add stress to an individual’s face, which might result in the formation of extra deep traces and wrinkles, notably across the eyes and brow. Over time, these sleep-induced wrinkles might grow to be everlasting, contributing to untimely ageing. Moreover, stress attributable to a excessive pillow on the pores and skin may end in irritation and pimples breakouts.