Fighting The Flu
Fighting The Flu

We hate that time that comes around when you start feeling a tickly throat body aches and a snuffly nose. When you are going through the flu, you can feel miserable suffering from a sore throat, body aches, feelings of being hot and cold and plenty of nasal congestion.There are antiviral medications available from the chemist, but sometimes just simple pain relief and rest work just as well.

There are a few remedies that can help you with the flu:

Keep hydrated

Keeping up the fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated is important when you have the flu. Electrolyte fluids and plain water are best to be drinking but fruit juice is ok also herbal teas with mint and honey can be soothing for the throat.If you don’t feel like drinking sometimes sipping soup can help to keep your fluid levels up.Chicken soup can help keep you hydrated and help any symptoms connected to respiratory infections.


Nasal congestion can get built up and blocked causing pain and irritation. A hot shower a few times a day can help with built up congestion. Take deep breaths inhaling the steam, and you should feel relief when your nose starts to break up and drain.A humidifier can work wonders if left going overnight while you sleep.

Grab the pack of lozenges

While we know lozenges and cough drops don’t really do much in the way of helping the flu, but they can help a dry, irritable throat.Lozenges containing slippery elm have been known to work better on the throat than others.

Nasal irrigation

By doing nasal irrigation, it can help to ease the nasal drip and reduce the risk for a sinus infection.At your local chemist, you can buy a neti pot. Nasal irrigation is putting salt water into one nostril, and when putting your head on the side, you let it run out the other nostril. This gives your nasal passages a good clean out you can make the solution yourself by mixing warm sterile water with salt to create a saline solution.

Pain relief

Sometimes the best remedy is pain relief. Speak to your doctor about the best pain relief for the flu and make sure you get plenty of rest. You can get lemon tea drinks that contain anti-inflammatory and paracetamol.Vitamin c is also good to take with the flu to help build your immune system up again.Paracetamol is best taken upon the first signs of the flu when you start experiencing the body aches and sore throat.

Not all remedies work for everyone; you will need to find what specifically works for you and helps to aid in the symptoms of the flu.

These are only remedies and will not cure the flu or common cold, but they will help to ease some of the symptoms. You need to let the flu run its course. If your flu or cold seems to be getting worse or the symptoms become unbearable seek advice from your local doctor immediately.


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