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Healing With Manuka Honey

Healing With Manuka Honey
Healing With Manuka Honey

Manuka honey has been used as a healing ointment for many people. It is known as a germ fighter and appraised for its healing power of minor cuts and burns. There has been positive feedback about Manuka honey healing sinus issues, upset stomachs and acne.Manuka honey is a product of New Zealand. It comes from the scrub plant Manuka hence the name.It was introduced in the 19th century and has a higher amount of MGO so when the bees pollinate from the Manuka Plant the honey ends up stronger than normal honey.
Raw honey has always been known for its health benefits but not Manuka it isn’t raw honey, but it has specialized properties.The honey is bacterial resistant and antibacterial. It should not be able to grow an acceptance to the antibacterial effects of the honey.

People use manuka honey for so many health issues inside and outside of the body.It can be applied to cuts and scrapes, and you can add a spoonful to your morning routine as an extra supplement.

Benefits include:

  • Clearing minor infections
  • Improving gut health and bloating
  • Refining digestion
  • Improving immune system
  • Healing cuts and burns

Honey is acidic, and those properties help to heal. The acidity can block enzymes the wreck the protein that the body will use to heal itself.

Due to the low moisture levels in the honey, it can draw fluid from a wound removing infected waste and helping to speed up the healing. Honey can draw out water from invading bacteria that need water to thrive and populate. Drawing the water from these wounds will help to kill the bacteria and prevent it spreading.

Staph and streptococcus are types of bacteria that are susceptible to the Manuka Honey along with many more types of bacteria species.It is interesting that Manuka honey seems to attack infections that will form a thin layer of bacteria those known to be untreatable.For people suffering acne look into using Manuka honey as it has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to heal congested skin and oxygenates the pores to draw out toxins in the skin improving the acne affected skin.

Sometimes when using acne treatments or spending too much time in the sun, your skin can end up dry and irritated. Manuka honey holds in moisture so applying a thin layer to your face will help to absorb moisture from the air putting in back into your pores.Manuka honey can be bought from your local chemist and some major stores.

When buying Manuka honey to take advantage of its healing properties, it’s important to make sure the honey has a +12 or a +16 this is the concentration of antioxidants and compounds for healing so the higher the number, the stronger its antibiotic effects are.

While Manuka honey is safe to consume and use on the skin without any reaction, it is advised to talk to your doctor before putting the honey on any open wounds or ingesting long-term.


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