Should We Be Adding Greens To Out Diet
Should We Be Adding Greens To Out Diet

We were all told to eat our greens; there is no doubt they are the healthiest foods we can eat.There is no limit on eating greens, it doesn’t matter how many you eat they are still healthy in large amounts.Greens are full of fiber with the benefit of being low in calories. All green vegetables are packed full of protein and includes plenty of the healthy stuff like folate, zeaxanthin for healthy eyesight, calcium and the rich omega three fatty acids.

A certain group of green vegetables contain isothiocyanates that help fight against cancer. These include kale, collards, watercress and bok choy.Being honest most green vegetables are quite bland in taste and really have no appeal to them causing people to bypass them in the supermarket and opt for something else.You can still add green veggies into your diet in many ways like adding them to your favorite smoothie. Kale is popular for this you really can’t taste it once it has been blended through.
This is very beneficial as the vegetables are being blended they are releasing nutrients as they break down from the plant cells. We miss out on some nutrients just by chewing alone.If you love scrambled eggs, you can chop up some greens and add them to the eggs. Vegetable soup is great for greens by adding it to the soup first, it will release nutrients into the soup and be preserved as it cooks, and they can’t really be tasted once cooked through.

Perhaps you like making your own salsa which is perfect for the green vegetables like capsicum and green peppers. Pasta sauce is excellent as you can add green veggies to store brought pasta or even homemade pasta sauce.Greens can be frozen, so if you are often hard-pressed for time keep a bag of chopped greens in the fridge and add to each meal as you cook it to save time.

When making wholegrain pasta add some greenery to the pot water a few minutes before the pasta is cooked.

You might not know, but by that little step of adding some greens into your meal, you have boosted the nutrient intake from your meal while reducing the mass of calories.

Greens may be frowned upon due to the off looking color green, but the benefits it provides is well worth adding it to your meals. From improving your digestive system to preserving your visions health, helping to prevent colon cancer and improving bone density that is only to name a few.The benefits are endless and by adding a little to your daily routine can help to incorporate disease-fighting micronutrients that offer benefits to every part of your body and health.Try some of these tips for a few weeks and notice you won’t feel as tired and your gut health will improve helping rid you of that sluggish afternoon feeling.

You need to allow around six weeks to start to notice the difference the effects won’t happen overnight but over time you will notice the change for the better.


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