How to avoid diabetes in early stages


Diabetes has become a deadly disease nowadays. In the past, only a handful of people in the society were diagnosed with it whereas today it has spread like wildfire. Apart from the adult’s kids today are also susceptible to the disease. According to certain researches, both genetic and environmental factors are the leading cause of the increase in diabetic patients.

In this article today we are going to discuss the methods or lifestyle that you can adapt to avoid diabetes in the early stage. The thing is that before you are diagnosed with diabetes type 2, there is a condition called borderline diabetes. According to medical experts, if you make specific changes to your lifestyles, you can avoid type 2 diabetes. So before we move on to the life changes that you need to adopt let us first understand what borderline diabetes is.

What is borderline diabetes?

Borderline diabetes is also known as a pre-diabetic phase in which your pancreas still produce enough insulin to compensate the number of carbs that you ingest, but the problem is that the insulin produced is not as active as of a healthy person meaning that your sugar level would still be high in the pre-diabetic phase. According to a survey one out of three Americans are diagnosed with the pre-diabetic phase, so if you have, it then don’t worry you are not alone.

The good news is that the pre-diabetic phase doesn’t mean that you would be diagnosed with diabetes type 2 for sure. It only says that your chances of getting it have increased by 5-10% as compared to a person who has healthy insulin production. According to the medical experts these chances with an increase if you do not adopt the necessary life changes.

  • Life changes to avoid Diabetes¬†
    According to the Diabetes Prevention Program, which is a multi-center research study, specific life changes can help individuals avoid the chances of getting diabetes in the early stages. These life changes are not only helpful for the pre-diabetic patients but also the non-diabetic patients. So without any further due let us look at the life changes that you need to adapt to stay healthy.
  • Eat healthier
    When we say eat healthily, it means that you need to focus on the foods that are healthy for diabetic patients. This means that you need to focus on consuming whole grain foods instead of the refined food items, eat fresh starchy vegetables and focus on ingesting complex carbs like beans and grains. If you are unable to create a diet plan for yourself, then you can always consult a dietitian who could help you figure out a diabetes-healthy diet.
  • Exercise
    Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes in kids and even adults today which is why to prevent it you need to exercise more often. You don’t have to get yourself into great workouts. Experts suggest that you should drill for at least 150 minutes a week.
    If you are one of those individuals who doesn’t exercise because they feel like it is going to hard then the good news for you is that you don’t have to focus on cardio or any other types specifically. You can walk or jog to complete the 150 minutes because something is better than nothing.
  • Lose weight
    As said above obesity is one of the leading causes of the increasing rate of diabetes. So if your doctor tells you that you are suffering from pre-diabetes and are overweight that you should focus on getting rid of the excess weight as soon as possible to reduce the chances of diabetes type 2. Losing weight includes shifting to a healthier diet and working out more often. The more you exercise, the more glucose you will break down for energy which will prevent high blood sugar level in your body.


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