Life can quite tough sometimes, and it is perfectly reasonable to feel sad or depressed. But if your depressed state lasts for long and you feel helpless and hopeless, then you must be suffering from depression, but the good news is that you are not alone. Every teenager and adult in the world suffer from depression at some point in time which is why help is available so don’t worry much.

In this article today we are going to talk about depression in detail. So let us look at what it is and how it affects our daily lives and the people around us. You will be surprised to find out that depression is a vast field and there are different types of them but before we look into that let us first look at what depression is.

What is depression?

Depression is a severe and debilitating mood disorder that affects your emotions and feelings. Your emotions and feelings control the way you think and react to things so depression can indirectly affect your state of mind as well as your health.
When a person is depressed, they usually want to stay in solitude. Depressed individuals don’t want to leave their rooms. They keep the lights dim and listen to sad songs that make them feel even worse. Then you start to recall all the bad memories that took place and feel more and more depressed.

The problem is that most people believe that if they tell someone about their depressed state people would start to judge them and consider them weak and fragile. Even though there are some individuals, who don’t believe in depression which is why they would give negative comments, but you can always open up to your family and friends about your pain because they will care about you and help you fight it.

Signs and Symptoms of depression

If you are a parent, sibling or a friend who wants to help your depressed loved one, then you need to look out for symptoms and signs that might suggest that h or she is sad. The problem is that depression is different for different individuals, so you need to look for some common signs and symptoms.

  • You will start to feel irritated and sad whenever something comes up.
  • You will start to hate or dislike things that you used to love before you were depressed.
  • You will start to feel bad about yourself. The guilt and all the pain will begin to come back to you one by one which will make you feel worthless.
  • Some people tend to sleep too much while others lose sleep over depression.
  • You will start to use drugs or other medication to feel better and ignore reality.
  • Many face difficulty in thinking straight and always end up having negative thoughts about every situation.
  • Some people will start to lose weight while others can also gain weight. It depends on how depression affects your eating habits.
  • You will start to feel sad and sorry for yourself
  • You will get suicidal thoughts because you will begin to believe that you belong no were.


The best solution to your depression is that you talk to someone about it. It could be your family member, like your parents or your siblings who you are closet and feel comfortable talking about it. You can also confront your best friends, or if you don’t want to talk to anyone that you know, then you can always get professional help because sometimes your close loved ones can be the cause of your depressed state as well.


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