How to fix a dehydration headache


We all suffer from some headaches during the same. Our lives have become so intense and fast that we don’t have time to relax — the more pressure we put on our body, the more damage we are doing to it which is why headaches have become common among kids as well as adults today.

One of the most common types of headaches is dehydration headaches. But the problem is the most people don’t know about it so today in this article we are going to talk about what dehydration depression is and how you can fix it by yourself without visiting a doctor. You might have to visit the doctor in severe cases, but you can easily adjust the mild ones at home with some common fixes.

What is a dehydration headache?

It is clear from the name that a dehydration headache is a type of a problem that is caused when people don’t drink enough water. Lack of water in your system can affect you in various ways, and one of them is a dehydration headache. Your body needs a lot of water to function correctly if you don’t provide it with what it needs then your brain starts to signal you in the form of a headache. Sometimes you can also get a migraine from dehydration.

Most commonly dehydration headaches are caused after extensive workouts or diarrhea. In both the case your body starts to lose more water than it can afford. So you might have noticed that during hot days your head starts to feel heavy. The thing is that it only requires mild dehydration to cause headaches.

Common fixes for dehydration headaches

Well, dehydration headaches are quite severe sometimes which is why we should all know some common remedies that would help us get rid of them and relieve ourselves from the pain. So let us look at some of the standard treatments for dehydration headaches.

  • Drink water
    Well, the immediate solution to your problem is to drink as much water as possible. In most cases, a dehydration headache only lasts for a maximum of three hours. If you fill up your body with water, you will be providing it with what it needs to drink two to three glasses of water with intervals to feel better.
    Most people would drink a full bottle of water at once which leads to vomiting because your body is unable to adjust to the sudden change which is why it is always better to slow down and consume each glass after some intervals.
  • Electrolyte drinks
    Even though experts suggest that we must avoid electrolyte drinks, but in this case, they are helpful. Dehydration messes up the electrolyte level in your body which are necessary or it to function appropriately thus to treat your headache you should consume low sugar sports drinks to replenish the lost electrolytes and feel better. An increase in your electrolyte in your body will give it a sudden push and restart the lost functions or improve them.
  • OTC pain relievers
    Well in the severe cases headaches don’t go away just by drinking water or taking energy drinks. If you are facing server headache she you should try out the OTC pain relievers that are suggested by your doctors. Try not to get hooked with these because they are quite addictive. Only consume them when necessary. The common OTC pain relievers are:

    • Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB)
    • Aspirin (Buffering)
    • Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Make sure that you don’t consume OTC medication that contains caffeine because caffeine can cause more dehydration. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication.


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