We all want to look beautiful and feel attractive at some point in our life. This mostly hits us when we are in our teens or adulthood whereas kids don’t focus on their looks which are good. But today we have it all wrong. We base attractiveness of a person on how they look or carry themselves, but that is not what makes one attractive, a person can be beautiful as hell, but if they are not friendly no one is going to be attracted to them

So today is this article we are going to talk about some of the common behaviors that you can adapt to look attractive and feel attractive at the same time, you will be surprised to know that your actions are a more important factor than your looks when it comes to attractiveness so let us move on to the effects.

  • Good listener
    Being a good listener is one of the most attractive qualities of a person. Everyone wants to feel heard which is why they would be attracted to you more if they believe that you will listen to them without judging them or ignoring them. People who are good listeners can make good connections with others and often succeed in their relations thus you must try to listen to others instead OD always stating your points. Practice active listening and respond with short and polite replies.
  • Kindness
    Kindness is another highly attractive quality. When you show compassion towards others, they would be automatically attracted to you. If someone feels like you are kind, they would want to communicate with you because kindness makes people feel loved and appreciated so try to practice compassion with people around you to feel attractive.
    You can try it for yourself. Try to communicate with individuals who are rude and individuals who are kind. You will get a clear picture of what you want, and that would be for sure kindness so give people what to wish for yourself.
  • Smiling
    The Holy Prophet PBUH states that smiling is a form of charity. So we must all practice seeming friendly and likable. People who laugh all the time are happy people and have positive thoughts, and they look more appealing as compared to the individuals who have a straight face all the time. If you see someone smiling even across the street, you will feel attracted to them. It’s a natural instinct; thus you must practice smiling, it would not only make you attractive but will also help you feel happy.
  • Laughter
    Never be embarrassed about your laughter. It is one of your most attractive qualities. Some people do laugh bit funny, but their laugh is so contagious that it makes everyone around them laugh swell. You might not see it, but people tend to feel attracted to an individual who is funny and have a good sense of humor so always be in a good mood and laugh and watch people get drawn to you!
  • Confidence
    Your confidence is your biggest weapon. Don’t feel shy to show off who you are. Be confident about the person that you are, your looks, your abilities, and skill, if you portray yourself confidently among people they would be attracted towards to without any reason. You might not know it, but people who walk around with confidence are way more alluring than the ones around them.
  • Understand the cues
    Being a good listener doesn’t only mean that you listen to the words that come out of the mouth of the other person. Being a good listener means that you should be an active look and listen to all the non-verbal cues as well because sometime a person might say something, but his or her non-verbal cues will be indicating the opposite. People are attracted to individuals who are they feel would be able to understand them without them even saying anything. So observe the non-verbal cues during a conversation to get clear pictures.


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