How to turn health into success


Our health is the most critical asset in our lives. Whether it is your mental health or your physical health, both of them are equally important for your wellbeing which is why you need to focus on both of them to succeed in life. Most people fail to recognize the relationship between health and success. They believe that to achieve in life, and health isn’t necessary. Most will focus on money, power or relations. Even though all these factors are essential for success, but there is also positive evidence suggesting that health can be transformed into triumph.

In this article, we are going to discuss the relationship between health and success and how by staying healthy you can achieve success. Every organization aims to increase their efficiency by investing in their employees. But how is any business going to increase productivity if the health of the employees isn’t good? Let us look at a scenario to understand the situation better. Imagine that you are a CEO of a company and you have to choose one of the viewpoints;

Employees should work as much as they can even though they are sick. They should stick to the job because every minute that is lost will decrease the revenue of the company.
Employees should work as much as possible but should take a leave and recover from the sickness because health is essential for productivity.

These two viewpoints are the most common ones among employers. If you choose the first viewpoint, then you will be making a mistake because if you don’t invest in the health of your employees, they will leave and work for someone who has to offer more to them whereas if you go with the second viewpoint, you will be benefiting your company.

Yes, when the worker will be one left you will be losing revenue at the point but instead of focusing on the smaller image focus on the higher image. When the employee would return after recovering, he would be able to work twice as much as he was able to when he was sick. This will eventually increase your revenue and keep your customers satisfied.

Effects of health-related factors on productivity

Each health-related element is having a different impact on productivity so let us look at two health-related factors and how they affect the richness of the businesses and help them succeed. You can apply these factors to individuals as well.

Illness and productivity

If you look at the small picture, your productivity will decrease when you are taking off from work or in case of businesses allowing your employees sick leaves. But if you take sick leave and then turn with good health, you will be able to perform way better than you used to while you were ill. In the case of businesses:

  • Employees won’t be able to work efficiently when sick
  • They will start to dislike the working environment and the employees
  • They would leave the company for a better opportunity
  • They will get more suffering if they have to work while they are not healthy.

Fitness and productivity

Your fitness affects your productivity. If you are healthy and active, you will be able to perform more efficiently. You will be able to move around and the thing with a positive attitude. If you work out and train yourself, then you would maintain higher stamina to take on late nights and pressure.


Sleeping is also an essential health-related factor. Studies have shown that successful people sleep way less than the unsuccessful ones. They only acquire the amount of sleep that is necessary and follow that routine to remain healthy and increase productivity.


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