Apple cider vinegar: is drinking this popular home remedy bad for your teeth? A dentist explains
Apple cider vinegar is alleged to assist with weight reduction, coronary heart well being, managing ldl cholesterol and blood sugar ranges. Credit score: Shutterstock/VasiliyBudarin

Apple cider vinegar has grow to be a well-liked dwelling treatment lately and has been used for hundreds of years in cooking and drugs. It is thought to assist with a wide selection of well being points, together with excessive ldl cholesterol, blood sugar ranges, weight problems and hypertension. It is also mentioned to assist with eczema and abdomen acid reflux disorder, however this has not been scientifically confirmed.

As a result of cider is an effective supply of vitamins like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C, it is believed to be good to your physique as an entire. Apple cider vinegar is normally consumed with meals as an additive to sauces, salad dressings and marinades.

Some individuals additionally drink apple cider vinegar, diluted in sizzling or . Tablets, tablets, powders and gummies additionally exist. Diluted apple cider vinegar may also be used externally in baths, moist wraps or hair rinses. However due to the shortage of analysis about apple cider vinegar, there are not any official dosage ideas up to now.

Analysis has proven that apple cider vinegar has each antimicrobial and antioxidant results—together with anti-oral biofilm results. Oral biofilms, also called , consists of a sticky layer of micro organism on tooth surfaces. Which means that in idea, it might be able to cut back plaque ranges on our tooth, however there have been no to check this.

Aside from an absence of proof, there may be one other essential cause why apple cider vinegar might be not the best choice to cut back plaque: like different kinds of vinegar, it is excessive in acid, and research point out that it could trigger erosion to our bodily tissues if not diluted. This consists of the in our mouth in addition to our tooth and tooth enamel.

Tooth and acids

Enamel is the mineralised materials that coats our tooth and is the toughest tissue within the human physique. Enamel covers the crown which is the a part of the tooth that’s seen within the mouth. Nonetheless, the principle portion of the tooth is dentin, which is positioned beneath our enamel. Dentin can also be a tough tissue, just like bone, and has a to the dental pulp within the middle of our tooth, containing nerves and blood vessels.

The enamel helps defend our tooth from chewing, biting, sizzling and , and doubtlessly damaging chemical compounds. Some chemical compounds although, like acids, can nonetheless harm the enamel over time, in the event that they get involved with our tooth for longer durations. Acids are in a position to dissolve and soften the minerals in our enamel, doubtlessly making it thinner over time. That is particularly the case if we brush our tooth or chew exhausting meals straight after an acid assault, which may speed up enamel loss.

When enamel erodes attributable to vinegar acids, our tooth could grow to be extra delicate. This implies they react extra to sizzling or chilly meals, drinks, and sweets for the reason that dentin layer beneath the enamel is way more delicate attributable to a direct connection to the nerves inside our tooth. In some extra superior circumstances, when the enamel has been fully eroded by acids, the dentin is uncovered and unprotected, and at this stage, the tooth will erode, and put on and tear so much sooner.

What to do

Dentists can acknowledge this difficulty by wanting on the form and coloration of the tooth, by asking about delicate tooth and by taking a weight loss program historical past of sufferers to determine meals and drinks containing acids. Although in relation to false tooth, some dentists have truly been recommending soaking acrylic dentures in diluted vinegar attributable to its antifungal properties and its capacity to dissolve calcified plaque deposits (tartar).

That mentioned, a skinny layer of proteins and slime from our saliva will type a layer on our enamel, which may also help to guard it from acids. Additionally, our saliva has many minerals, that are in a position to re-mineralise the outer layers of broken , however this takes time—normally a number of hours. Fluorides in toothpaste and mouthwashes may also strengthen the outer enamel layers.

So in the event you do often drink apple cider vinegar and need to keep away from tooth erosion, it is best to comply with just a few guidelines. At all times water down apple cider vinegar and contemplate consuming it by way of a straw to guard your tooth. It additionally helps to eat apple cider vinegar collectively together with your major meals, to cut back the variety of acid assaults per day.

Keep away from apple cider vinegar merchandise that require a number of chewing (like acidic gummies). And don’t brush your tooth straight earlier than or after consuming apple cider vinegar. As an alternative, look forward to about half an hour. Whenever you brush, be mild (not too abrasive), use fluoridated toothpaste, and don’t use a tough toothbrush. To seek out out whether or not it is protected to your to make use of , you too can communicate to your dentist about your danger of growing tooth erosion.

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