Menopause is a crucial stage in a lady’s life. It marks the time when her menstrual cycles finish and places a cease to her skill to breed. That is additionally a time when a lady can undergo a number of bodily, psychological and hormonal adjustments within the physique. One frequent concern is the tendency of weight problems or weight acquire throughout menopause.

In keeping with Dr Seema Sehgal, Director – Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, CK Birla Hospital (R), New Delhi, menopause sometimes begins for ladies 45 and 55 years of age. They cease menstruating as a result of lack of ovarian follicular perform, which suggests the ovaries cease releasing eggs for fertilization. A lady can know that pure menopause has occurred when there isn’t a signal of menstruation even after 12 consecutive months.

Why do girls acquire weight throughout menopause?

Ladies might tend to realize weight or expertise weight problems throughout menopause. This can be seen via growing stomach fats accumulation. However what are the explanations driving this weight acquire? Dr Sehgal explains among the primary causes.

1. Hormonal adjustments

Weight acquire round menopause is as a result of ongoing hormonal adjustments within the physique. “As estrogen ranges decline throughout menopause, the physique redistributes fats from the hips and thighs to the stomach. This shift in fats distribution will increase the danger of growing visceral fats, which is related to numerous well being issues together with heart problems and diabetes,” she says.

2. Lack of muscle mass

As girls method menopause, there may be usually a lack of muscle mass, which can lead to a lower in general metabolic fee. This lower in metabolic fee signifies that the physique burns fewer energy throughout every day actions, making it simpler to build up extra weight.

3. Way of life elements

Weight acquire throughout menopause may also be attributed to life-style elements comparable to decreased bodily exercise, poor dietary decisions, and elevated stress ranges. Throughout menopause, some girls might really feel adjustments in urge for food, cravings and starvation cues.

The right way to handle weight throughout menopause?

Managing menopausal weight problems requires a complete method that addresses each the physiological and life-style elements concerned. Listed below are suggestions that one can comply with to regulate weight acquire throughout menopause, suggests Dr Sehgal.

* Exercising is the important thing

Ladies ought to have interaction in common bodily exercise as it’s essential for managing weight throughout menopause. Cardio workout routines comparable to brisk strolling, jogging, swimming, or biking may help burn energy and enhance general health. You can even go for power coaching workout routines as they’re vital to construct lean muscle mass, which helps enhance metabolism.

* Maintain stress ranges in examine

Power stress can contribute to weight acquire and make it harder to drop a few pounds throughout this era. Participating in stress-reducing actions comparable to yoga, meditation, deep respiration workout routines, or hobbies may help in stress-free your thoughts and promote general well-being.

* Eat a weight loss plan with correct vitamins

Adopting a balanced and nutritious weight loss plan is crucial for managing weight throughout menopause. Your full focus needs to be on consuming entire meals comparable to fruits, greens, entire grains, lean proteins, and wholesome fat. Limiting the consumption of processed meals, sugary snacks, and drinks excessive in energy will work as wonders on your physique. Ladies ought to at all times attempt to concentrate to portion sizes and apply conscious consuming.

* Hormone substitute remedy (HRT)

For some girls, hormone substitute remedy could also be beneficial to alleviate menopausal signs and assist handle weight. HRT includes the usage of estrogen or a mix of estrogen and progesterone to complement the physique’s declining hormone ranges. Nonetheless, it is very important focus on the potential dangers and advantages of HRT with a healthcare skilled.

By adopting a holistic method, girls can successfully handle their weight throughout and after menopause, selling general well being and well-being.