Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that has a harmful impact on the immune system. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the third and last stage of the illness. Within the absence of well timed remedy, the virus can create havoc in your immune system leading to weakened immunity and leaving your physique vulnerable to a number of infections that may be detrimental to your well being. It’s essential that in regards to the situation in its true sense. Sadly, there are lots of misconceptions or myths about AIDS and HIV that may trigger worry, fear, and disgrace—and nobody ought to really feel disgrace about getting examined for HIV or another form of sexually transmitted illness.

Myths about AIDS and HIV

So, right here, we clear the air by busting these 5 myths about HIV and AIDS and get the details proper:

Fable 1: Touching or kissing can unfold HIV

Truth: HIV doesn’t unfold by way of bodily contact be it holding palms, touching, kissing, or hugging/cuddling. The illness spreads solely whenever you are available contact with particular physique fluids like breast milk, blood and blood merchandise, semen, and vaginal and pre-seminal fluid. Additionally, the virus has an opportunity to get transmitted by way of used needles with contaminated blood. Apart from, there’s a risk for the virus to cross the placenta and infect the fetus or transmit throughout childbirth or breastfeeding. Although the virus does exist in fluids like saliva, it’s inadequate to be transmitted by way of kissing.

HIV targets the immune system and weakens folks’s protection towards many infections. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Fable 2: HIV decreases your life expectancy

Truth: whereas it’s true that HIV sufferers had a brief life expectancy firstly of the AIDS epidemic, right this moment the state of affairs is totally completely different. Medical development and newer, improved medicines have considerably modified the sport.

At present, folks with HIV have extremely improved life spans with many even having a traditional life expectancy. And that’s not all, early intervention could even assist forestall HIV from turning into AIDS.

Fable 3: HIV sufferers can’t have youngsters

Truth: Individuals with HIV can have youngsters, nonetheless, there stays a better threat of passing the an infection to their youngsters. Throughout being pregnant, HIV sufferers should take antiretroviral remedy as prescribed, go for C-section supply, and never breastfeed their child. They should take utmost precautions throughout and after childbirth to keep away from transmitting the an infection to their newborns and permit their youngsters to dwell wholesome lives from start.

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Fable 4: HIV is just not curable

Truth: It’s appropriate that there doesn’t exist any drug to treatment HIV an infection utterly, however there are therapies that may assist management the unfold of the virus and hold your immune system intact. Plus, these medicine additionally assist to stop HIV from turning into AIDS.

Fable 5: HIV an infection at all times ends in AIDS

Truth: HIV an infection when left untreated for a protracted length ends in full-blown AIDS. When folks residing with HIV observe their remedy plan rigorously and sustain with their medicines religiously, they received’t essentially find yourself with AIDS – the third and last stage of HIV an infection.

Myths about AIDS
HIV targets the immune system. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Fable 6: A pair with HIV doesn’t want safety

Truth: HIV-positive {couples} have to observe up with their remedy schedule and defend themselves and one another as effectively. That is due to the truth that each could also be carrying a distinct pressure of the virus that may endanger one another and result in reinfection. For that reason, they need to use safety throughout sexual activity if each are contaminated with HIV and on the similar time pay attention to one another’s HIV standing if considered one of them is HIV constructive.

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Fable 7: Contraception affords safety towards HIV

Truth: Most types of contraception won’t provide safety towards HIV. The one kinds that may defend towards HIV are contraceptives similar to male condoms and feminine condoms that create a bodily barrier to dam fluids from coming into a accomplice’s physique.