You’re operating late, and you don’t have any resolution aside from shaving with a razor? Whereas it might the most effective and quickest resolution to the issue, it will probably generally leaves you with a burn. Whether or not you shave your arms, legs, or elsewhere in your physique, it may be somewhat devastating to get a post-shaving rash, also referred to as a razor burn. Whether it is one thing you wrestle with frequently, then this text would possibly show you how to.

First, let’s perceive why shaving causes irritation and crimson bumps to seem on the pores and skin.

What causes after-shave irritation?

Pores and skin irritation introduced on by shaving could lead to disagreeable and itchy crimson lumps. After-shave itching could point out folliculitis or razor burn. As per a number of medical papers, the next may cause pores and skin irritation after shaving:

  • shaving too often
  • utilizing bad-quality razors
  • shaving too typically
  • utilizing an excessive amount of stress whereas shaving
  • shaving the hair towards the grain
  • utilizing merchandise with synthetic smells and chemical compounds
The best way to take care of razor burns? Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

The best way to take care of razor burns?

After-effects of shaving can depart your pores and skin irritated with crimson bumps and ingrown hair, which might final a couple of days. Nonetheless, in the event that they last more than that, you could join with a dermatologist to know the precise trigger. For these of you who expertise razor burns each day and don’t know what to do, fret not! Movie star dermatologist and cosmetologist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta took to her Instagram account to share some insights on how one can take care of these razor burns.

1. The very best resolution to keep away from pores and skin irritation, bumps, or ingrown hair is to make use of high quality razor that isn’t too harsh on the pores and skin.
2. A heat bathe could be a helpful resolution for razor burns! Taking a fast heat bathe will open up the pores and soften the hair. “The operating water additionally helps to rinse off stray hair and shaving cream out of your physique.”
3. One other trick instructed by Dr Gupta is to exfoliate the pores and skin earlier than you shave it. “This won’t solely smoothen your pores and skin however may even assist in getting a detailed shave.”
4. Keep away from utilizing previous razors as they may trigger burns and cuts. She suggests that you just change the razor blades to keep away from this. You must change the razor blades each 5-7 shaves.
5. “Use a gel or lotion and shave on damp pores and skin. ONLY use the gel that’s applicable on your pores and skin kind.”
6. One other essential factor is to “shave within the path of hair development as shaving in the wrong way would possibly irritate the hair follicles.”

Moisturizing the world would assist! Don’t use moisturizers containing scented, harsh lotions that dehydrate the pores and skin. Use hydrating moisturizers which might be unscented and calming.

She writes within the caption that these guidelines will assist you could have bump-free, baby-soft pores and skin.

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Warning: Be sure you examine together with your physician to keep away from any issues. Additionally, do a patch take a look at earlier than making use of any lotions or lotions to the affected areas.