When you have got a cheat day or whether or not it’s simply one other weekend, you go all out and have an enormous meal with chole bhatures and pav bhajis and what not. You find yourself consuming loads of heavy and spicy meals after which what comes subsequent is acidity or digestive points. Throughout a time like this all you want is solkadhi! Solkadhi is a really efficient digestive drink and has many different well being advantages too. Most just lately Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal posted an Instagram story that includes a glass of this standard drink, and referred to as it “Solkadhi for the soul”! Let’s check out why this drink is so good for the physique and soul.

What’s solkadhi?

Solkadhi or popularly referred to as Kokum Curry is a Konkan soothing digestive drink standard within the Indian state of Goa, Southern Maharashtra and Karnataka. Solkadhi is created from dried kokum fruit (that belongs to the mangosteen household) and coconut milk. Solkadhi is relished both with rice or consumed as a digestive beverage on the finish of a meal or together with it. It’s particularly useful after you have got eaten one thing spicy.

Let solkadhi enable you along with your digestive woes!

Listed below are the advantages of solkadhi:

1. Helps in digestion

“Solkadhi is a superb digestion assist because it detoxifies the digestive tract and promotes meal absorption,” says Avni Kaul, a nutritionist. Solkadhi helps to keep away from acidity, indigestion, constipation, and gastrointestinal ache. You may have this after each meal as it can enable you digest the meals higher.

2. Cools down the digestive tract

This drink is an ideal summer time cooler. It’s chilly in nature and the presence of coconut milk and kokum fruit cools down our digestive tract after a spicy meal. You may contemplate solkadhi as an alternative choice to buttermilk in South India.

kokum drink: solkadhi
Kokum in solkadhi will cool you down! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Anti-carcinogenic

“Kokum fruit in solkadhi has anti-carcinogenic qualities, thus it limits the proliferation of malignant cells and helps in most cancers prevention,” says Kaul. In accordance with a examine revealed within the ResearchGate Kokum fruit possess helpful anti-oxidant, chelating, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, cardio-protective and anti-ulcer actions which makes solkadhi extraordinarily wholesome.

4. Good for weight reduction

Solkadhi can be well-known for being a wonderful weight reduction drink. It doesn’t use any sugar or fattening milk and therefore, may be very low in energy. “Kokum fruits within the solkadhi comprise hydroxy-citric acid and performance as a fat-burning catalyst and good weight reduction eating regimen,” says Kaul.

lose wight with solkadhi
Solkadhi will enable you hold your weight in verify! Picture courtesy: Shuttterstock

5. Good for pores and skin and hair

This drink would possibly simply find yourself giving a pure glow to your pores and skin and a greater hair well being. Kaul explains that solkadhi’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components can assist enhance the well being of pores and skin and hair tissues. Kokum has the enzyme elastase which reduces elastin degradation; this ultimately leads to the pores and skin changing into firmer and more healthy.

6. Promotes coronary heart well being

Kokum comprises polyphenols, reminiscent of hydroxy-citric-acids that may assist the physique to decrease triglyceride ranges, lipids that may enhance the danger of coronary heart ailments, and assist to maintain coronary heart ailments at bay. The coconut milk current within the solkadhi comprises potassium, a mineral helpful to maintain blood stress in verify.

Easy methods to make solkadhi?

This pink-coloured drink is an on the spot repair for all digestive and dehydration issues. To make this all you’ll want to do is take a glass of contemporary coconut milk, add the extract from soaked kokum fruit in it, add some salt, mustard seeds and chili-garlic paste for enhancing the style. You may garnish it with some coriander or mint leaves and solkadhi is prepared!

So, subsequent time you have got a grand meal, hold solkadhi helpful to repair all of your issues in a tasty and funky manner!