An enormous glass of lassi or chaas is all we’d like throughout these scorching summer season days. The cooling and refreshing properties of those conventional Indian drinks are merely irresistible. However what if we informed you which you could create your personal model of those summer season saviours proper at residence? Sure, that’s proper! The important thing ingredient that brings that distinctive tanginess and creaminess to lassi and chaas is none apart from do-it-yourself buttermilk. So, put away the store-bought choices and learn to make buttermilk at residence in these two straightforward methods.

Buttermilk is a tangy, creamy and versatile dairy product that has been loved for hundreds of years. It isn’t solely scrumptious as a wholesome and cooling summer season drink but additionally performs an important function in numerous recipes, from baked items to marinades and dressings. Whilst you can simply discover buttermilk on the retailer, making it at residence from curd or cream is a straightforward and cost-effective various.

Buttermilk not solely provides a pleasant tangy flavour to recipes but additionally affords a number of well being advantages. Buttermilk incorporates lactic acid, which promotes wholesome digestion. It’s also a very good supply of calcium, important for sustaining sturdy bones and enamel. It additionally incorporates vitamin D, which aids within the absorption of calcium. Commonly consuming buttermilk will help meet your each day calcium necessities and assist bone well being. With its excessive water content material, buttermilk helps to maintain you hydrated, particularly throughout scorching summer season days. It additionally incorporates electrolytes akin to potassium, that are very important for sustaining fluid steadiness within the physique.

Buttermilk is nice for digestion and to maintain you cool in summer season! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock.

Learn how to make buttermilk from curd?


* 1 cup of curd/yogurt (plain and unflavored)
* 1 cup of water (regulate as wanted for desired consistency)


1. Take a cup of yogurt in a mixing bowl. Be sure that the curd is obvious and unflavoured, as components or flavours could alter the style of the buttermilk.

2. Add an equal quantity of water to the curd. The water helps to dilute the curd and obtain the specified consistency of buttermilk. You possibly can regulate the quantity of water relying in your desire, make it thicker to get lassi or make it thinner for chaas like consistency.

3. Whisk the yogurt and water combination completely till it turns into easy and properly mixed. A whisk or a hand blender can be utilized for this step. This course of helps to interrupt down the curd and incorporate the water evenly.

4. As soon as well-mixed, let the combination sit at room temperature for about 10 to fifteen minutes. This resting interval permits the curd to ferment additional, enhancing the flavour and tanginess of the buttermilk.

5. After the resting interval, give it a closing whisk or stir to make sure any remaining lumps are dissolved. Your do-it-yourself buttermilk is now prepared for use in numerous recipes or loved by itself!

buttermilk from curd
You possibly can simply make buttermilk from curd at residence. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

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Learn how to make buttermilk from heavy cream?


* 2 cups of heavy cream
* 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice


1. Pour the heavy cream right into a mixing bowl. Be sure that the cream is at room temperature, as it’ll facilitate the separation course of.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to the cream. These acidic brokers will trigger the cream to curdle, mimicking the fermentation means of conventional buttermilk.

3. Stir the combination gently to mix the cream and the acid. Watch out to not overmix; just a few light stirs are ample to distribute the acid all through the cream.

4. Enable the combination to take a seat undisturbed at room temperature for roughly 10 to fifteen minutes. Throughout this time, the acid will curdle the cream, making a texture just like buttermilk.

5. After the resting interval, give it a delicate stir to test for the specified consistency. If it seems too thick, you possibly can add a small quantity of water to realize the specified consistency.

6. Your do-it-yourself buttermilk constituted of cream is now prepared for use in your favourite recipes or loved as a refreshing drink.

cream for buttermilk
Make a glass of creamy buttermilk through the use of heavy cream! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

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Making buttermilk at residence from yogurt or cream is a straightforward and rewarding course of. By following these straightforward strategies, you possibly can benefit from the tangy goodness of buttermilk in your culinary creations with out counting on store-bought choices. So, subsequent time you want buttermilk to your recipes or craving a refreshing drink, contemplate making it at residence with these easy methods. Your style buds will thanks!